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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Special People!

If your a cyclist, no matter what level, you can appreciate a good mechanic! I am honored to be working with some of the best ones in the business. Having someone wrench on your bike at the races takes off so much pressure and these guys cannot be thanked enough!

Thanks to all our mechanics Zack, Dave and Shep!!! You are appreciated!

Example 1:

Last weekend in Idaho my bike got worked over a course of 2.5 hrs. This time in the mud directly translates into about 3 hrs of hard wrenching work and $300 in parts... (A new Rear Der, Chain, Chain Rings, Cables and Housing, Grips, and a 30 minute Bath and we are back in business!)

Here is a couple pictures of the boyz behind the clean bikes!

Check out Zack's latest post on the Trek website "VAIL, RHYME'S WITH JAIL AND BAIL", Click on the link below...
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