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Friday, March 03, 2006

Beds Are Burning

That smoke isn't from Tyler climbing up Sunshine Canyon, it is actually a blazing forest fire that kept us from descending our choice singletrack. Wind + Fire = Colorado in the Spring.

Scope Stefano Barberi's new team threads with the ultra pro, football style, name on the back. This is another case of the "you know you made it whens". As the youngest member of the United Pro Cycling Team, Stefano has a bright year ahead of him. I guess my teammate, Jeremiah Bishop, bet him his 9.9 team issue hard tail that Stefano couldn't beat his time up a local climb. I will keep you posted as the story unfolds.... Now that is confidence JB.

These pics are for all of you that are scoping this site when you are suppose to be working! Welcome to my office.

The Fire scared Ranno a bit and he disappeared.... I found him chilling under this prime piece of real estate, chanting "There is no place like home".

On a random note, I can barely think about this post because I am trying to eves drop on the group of girls next to me as they discuss their book, "The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex"?!? Seriously, I think I will leave let the pictures talk and quit typing.


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