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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Can I Take A Mulligan?

Some days you are the hammer and other days you are the nail. Everything was going as planned, rolling in control around 20th.... Then the worst foot pain imaginable started to flare up with each bump and pedal stoke. I will save you my sob story and get to the point, don't race in shoes that you don't train with.

This sport can be so frustrating when you work so hard to try to break through and you still see how much work lies ahead. There are so many talented pros out there all chomping at the bit. Tomorrow is another race and another learning experience.

The crash of the day goes to Maverick Pro Mike West who went down in style. I guess this is what happens when your sweet Ti Skewer snaps off.

Rumor has it that JHK is trying out for the World's Strongest Man. JHK and Wells ate it going for the "W" uphill only to have Kabush sneak by for the victory. Much respect boys for laying it down. Races are relived in our minds over and over again, I wish I could have this one back.


Blogger Stephen D. Zepeda said...

man those bikes look sweet

3:40 PM  

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