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Monday, November 06, 2006

Old Man Smith And His Epic Adventure

Maybe you have heard some of the legendary stories of Brian Smith's Epic Birthday Rides, if not then consider this Brian's personal invitation to show up in Moab this weekend and experience it for yourself.

The date is November 11th, and the plan is to once again bust out the White Rim Trail in Moab, UT in one unsupported effort. This means carrying all the water and gear you will need for a 110 mile mtb adventure into the backcountry. Last year's journey turned out to be arguably my favorite ride of '05..... if not my riding career.

At the root of our mtb culture lies these epic adventures that give us conversation pieces of a lifetime..... Get out and play.

I am opening up the comments section of this post for specific information about the ride. Please leave a post if you are planning on showing up so we can make arrangements. You won't be disappointed


Blogger Martini said...

You can contact Jenny Smith either via email at:


or by phone at:


for housing and itinerary information. Let them know that Martini sent you.... anyone on two wheels is invited to join in on the epic.

2:40 PM  

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