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Friday, March 21, 2008

Hustler Hall Of Fame

Better hide your sister, Friedberg is on the prowl and he busting out his moves left and right.

Note Mike far right, throwing down his signiture amped hand signs.... I have to admit, I would be a little excited too partying down with Mickey, (the guy in the hat that looks like a girl but gets more chicks than Ellen Degeneres) and the crew....

World Champ, Eric Carter would just be the icing on the cake (yep, there's that super amped hand sign). Note, Mike is still amped....

But there is always that "fro in the face" but still amped moment....

You can't blame Mike for being amped.... he was under the influence of the circus that follows Mr. Avalon... if you are not familiar, check this and get with it.


Blogger brettok said...

WTF? Is that guy for real or is this a giant pisstake? I hope it's the latter, because if not it's pretty sad.

What's Rad up to these days?

7:23 PM  

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