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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sue Haywood Makes Us Proud

Pictures include a hot shot of Sue on top of the box and a picture of Sue and Poz with their game faces on at Vail's Everest Awards.

This past weekend I found myself in Northern Idaho (nearly Canada). To make a long story short... mud and contacts don't mix! I barely pulled out a 28th place effort and moved up slightly in the overall rankings. My goal this season has been to finish in the top 20 overall and be the highest ranking rookie on the circuit.

The real story of the weekend was Sue Haywood's huge win that was more than earned! She dug sooooo deep to stay ahead with only a 2 second gap at the finish. Thanks for those goose bumps! Sue is one of those pro's who you can't help but love because you can tell she loves what she is doing. Her attitude and style makes her a great role model for all.

Click on the link for Sue's Victory Story
Link to related article


Anonymous jess said...

this is really a shout out to sue...congrats, you're one bad ass chick and i can't wait til our paths cross again...namaste

10:48 PM  

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