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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My Favorite Trail...

... is the one I have not ridden yet. I have lived here in Boulder for 2 years now, and I am still exploring new singletrack. Ranno took me on a sick ride that T. Brown had shown him earlier. Technical trails have their place, but some dayz you need that fix of fast rolling, ripping rollercoaster, grinning from ear to ear kind of trails... today was that kind of day, man I love my job!

One of my readers forwarded me this link in support of my wheelie dreams. As most of you know, I still can't ride a wheelie. Well after seeing this I don't know if I want too.... I am now working on perfecting my superman!

Quote of the day comes from ole Jack Handy, "Anytime I see something screech across a room and latch onto someones neck, and the guy screams and tries to get it off, I have to laugh, because what is that thing."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wheres that? looks familiar

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude. your nuts. not you're nutz

10:11 PM  
Anonymous C Money said...

bad form. straighten up those legs, and point those toes.

11:20 AM  

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