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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Music We Crypt To

Rolled out on a little adventure with Ranno yesterday. I will let the pictures do the talking but a little word to the wise, Lycra and skate parks don't mix (but we thought we were cool)!

A huge shipment was delivered yesterday to Kustom Kar Audio from our friends at JBL! Yep, my Toureg is getting pimped with enough thump in the trunk to make your hair bounce. Thanks to Clay for putting his energy into the install and thanks to Chris Dragon at JBL for hooking it up! I will keep you posted with pictures when everything gets installed, rides around the block are free too!


Anonymous Chris Conrad said...

Thump in the trunk, eh?

How about a barrage in the garage?

JBL stands for -

Jammin' Big and Loud!

I JUST got done re-racking my band's sound system. The Speakers are all JBL pro. I fired 'em up in the garage and Steve Earl and I set off my neighbor's car alarm!

Uncle Chrispy

8:51 PM  

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