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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Style In A Can

In the cycling world, there is a certain logo'd style that has gotten a little redundant. Or maybe I have just been a dressing up in my little lycra super-hero suit a little too often. Whatever the case maybe, my bro Mike has been creating a super hip niche for himself. Mike has just entered the cycling scene after a career as a World Cup Mogul Skier and is bringing his own style and art to the table.

Mike has a variety of original stencils ranging from Einstein on a bike to Sid Vicious and Johnny Cash. I have been sending him threads and he has been turning my old dress shirts into one of a kind pieces of art. Mike said he has "seriously gone out on the town and came home in just his undershirt because someone bought the shirt right off of his back."

If you are feeling Mike's style and would like a little work done on your old threads, drop him a note at mikefriedb@aol.com (subject Stencils).


Blogger Fritz said...

These look pretty good.

9:46 AM  

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