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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rubber Side Down

Talk about random.... one moment Ranno and I are cruising mindlessly down the road, the next moment we are struggling to keep the rubber side down within the 100 mph winds. Seriously, this picture is the real deal, Ranno is lifing his bike off the ground and letting the wind do the rest (note his jersey getting torn off)!

Wind 1 Ranno 0

So yesterday I met up w/ Marty and Matt to do an article for the Daily Camera on the art of the wheelie and my qwest to aquire its hidden secrets. I can reassure you that I am one step closer however I still have no game. Matt on the other hand, has game coming out of his ears.

BTW, I need to give a big Thank You out to my friend Stephen for getting my new banner dialed in! Thanks bro!


Blogger JB said...

I dunno. I've become a believer in the genetic thing with regard to wheelies. You either get the wheelie gene or the guitar playing gene. I play guitar.

I hope you can proof this theory wrong. It'll give us non-wheelie-doin' posers hope.


5:50 AM  
Blogger Stephen D. Zepeda said...

Man... where are the bike lanes!? :)
Maybe Trek makes superlight bikes and that's why the wind is blowing it away???
Anyway thanks for the thanks? haha

6:00 AM  
Blogger Fritz said...

Went out for lunch yesterday and gave up after 15 minutes. That wind was a beast!

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Nick, I'm a new reader to your blog...it is very interesting. Seems like you train a lot on your MTB? What's the split MTB vs Road Bike? As an upcoming rider I much prefer the MTB but know the benefits of the road bike. Just curious for your opinion.


10:03 AM  
Blogger Stephen D. Zepeda said...

happy St. Patty's Day! :)

12:51 PM  
Blogger Martini said...

Hey Steve, Thanks for checking the site... The main reason I train mostly on the mtb is because I race the mtb and want to adapt to the postion and weight of the bike. It is easy to recover on the road bike but for real training I am always on the mtb. good luck and keep in touch.
Best of Rides

7:52 PM  

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