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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Best Of Rides '05

The "go-to" media in the cycling scene is gradually making a shift from your ad contaminated issue of Bike magazine to the free speech, daily updated, media source we fame as the "blog". At the heart of all these blogs lies the photography, bring'n to the public the places we have traveled, the people we have met and the moments we have shared....

I contacted "The Godfather" and challenged him to dig through the stack of flash drives littering his desk and come up with 10 photos that strike a chord in his heart.

Giving birth to:

The top 10 photos of 2005

"People We Meet" Category

At the heart of every successful team is an ace wrench, Trek/VW is no exception. I call this photo, "Nutz and Boltz".

"Someone Feed Tristan", no seriously folks.... Someone should feed Tristan. Ah the sacrifices of being a XC racer. Not only do you skimp on dessert but your days of being an underwear model are over.

Travis Brown's daughter Zara is a chip off the ole block. I think each Pro UCI license should come with a copy of this picture, in refrigerator equipped magnet form, entitled: "Listen To The Children".

"Places We Pedal" Category

Anyone who defines themselves as a mountain biker has made a pilgrimage to Moab, UT sometime in their life. For me it is an yearly quest in mid October to the epic "24 hrs of Moab". Just thinking about all those hours I have suffered in the desert brings chills to my legs.

The desert is a whole new world when day turns to night and the time comes to strap on our lights. Brian Smith has always been my go to man in these events because his mind is even more powerful then his legs.

"If You Ride, You Crash" Category

Soulcraft's, Yuri Hauswald takes the cake in this category. Yuri crossed the line drippin in blood and was kind enough to let me take this photo before seeking medical attention. If the word on the street, chicks dig scares, holds true.... Then I must be Bono.

"Too Good To Be Fiction" Category

I am blown away everyday as I climb into my pimped out Touareg that VW would give a bunch of dirty mountain bikers a luxury vehicle... I am not complaining but maybe we should at least learn to park.

I have had wheelie lessons for more of the top pros than I can count.... And I still can't wheelie. Trent Lowe hands down has it mastered better than anyone I have seen. I hope he isn't keeping the wheelie in the closet now that he has made his move to the other side of the fence.

"Ode To Singletrack" Category

The best part of my job is that I get to session singletrack all over the United States, from Santa Cruz, CA to Mt. Snow, VT, life is good!! But nothing beats the smell of the Aspen trees at an altitude of 10,000 feet, ah the high country.... It has to be my favorite place on earth.

I know there isn't any dirt in this photo but there is a whole lot of rock. The miles traveled over the course of one season are countless but it is the experience, the sweat, the ride, that keep us coming back for more. Thanks for tuning in and keeping "the blog" alive.

"Ode To The God-Father"

Before there was ridewithnickmartin there was Sager.... You can't forget your forefathers. Here's to chasing dreams amongst other things. Best of Rides


Blogger Jason said...

Great photos Nick! I dig what you're saying. I wrote an "opinion piece" on cycling blogs for one of my sponsors. I name drooped RWNM.com too. If you get time give a look.


Keep up the good work!


8:02 PM  
Blogger Martini said...

Great site Jason and thanks for the plug! Recycle those mags and bookmark the site....


8:41 PM  

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