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Sunday, February 18, 2007

These Ruby Red Slippers

Maybe if I click my heals three times and think really really hard.... this white nonsense will disolve or transport me to a happy place where singletrack is a way of life and the sun actually shines....

At least the roads above 9000 feet are still plowed. The hard part isn't going up, it's coming down.

After 3 hours of climbing and sweatly through our 6 layers of lycra, you have no choice but to point and shoot back down to reality. Talk about the "pain cave", I feel like my hands are going to fall off daily.

I got word that Rad Ross not only cleaned up down at his first race in New Zealand.... but he beat NZ's legend, Kashi Leuch's course record. Ahh crap, someone's getting in shape.


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