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Friday, July 22, 2005

A Little Place I Like To Call Aspen

Aspen Colorado, the 5th stop on the NORBA Circuit and the qwest for the top 20 continues.

Today is the day before the storm.... tomarrow's XC Race. The course is brutal without the usual reward of a killer downhill. Straight up the exposed mountain, some traverse and then a b-line for the bottom. Ah well.

The day before usually consisits of final prep on our bikes, tire choices, etc. The longer you stay in the team expo though the more drained you can get. It is like a tractor beam and it will suck you in. It is exciting to see what all is going on and visiting with the rest of the traveling circus but this energy will slowly drain ya. It is interesting that some of the top pro's don't really come out of their holes till you see them at the start.

Well check out my custom Nike Poggio Road/Mtb shoes... perfect for those courses that don't require you to get off your bike. They are light (remember rotational weight... sqwauk sqwauk) and stiff, so the power transfer is out of this world. A little tire tread and some rivots! Off to eat like like Brian Smith's dog Max...(if you have met him you would understand!)

That hot pic is Jerimiah Bishop as he puts on the Sun Screen to maintain that nice Olive tone!

Stay tuned and scroll down for some more great stories and sweet audio clips!
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Anonymous js said...

Nick - you've got the road shoe project all wrong - score the carbon surface with something rough - then super glue the hell out of the tire onto your shoe (don't use one that's been stan's'd (?)...also - get an road SPD cleat that has the little walking pods for the cleat to make a homing pocket. then you'll be golden, until those Nikes fall apart after 3 races...cuz that's what mine did last season.

11:12 PM  
Blogger Durango Squawk said...

You're still spelling squawk wrong.

8:43 PM  

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