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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Fastest Wrench on the Circuit

The Man and His Tools

Intimidation Factor.....

Even though Zack Vestal's biz card says he is the Head Mechanic for the Trek/VW squad, his calfs beg to differ. This is a warning to all the Semi Pro's out there at the National Championships in Mammoth, CA... be skeered, this wrench is fast!

I am actually staying at Zack's house right now before I move on Saturday. Zack has done a lot for me in this sport and I owe him a ton of gratitude. If he hadn't opened his doors when he was my manager, I wouldn't have ever moved to Boulder.

Rode up Flagstaff today and rallied Super Walker with Josh Bezecney (pro for 3D racing). Killer ride and a great way to always gauge where you are at... that mountain never gets smaller!


Anonymous Ellen said...

yo. I was just going through some old email and came across your link. I rode Flagstaff today too. Hope you are well

8:24 PM  

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