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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Quick Photo Dump

Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words...

Nope that isn't mascara on Maverick Pro Ryan "The Grinch" Lynch's face, he suffered a major crash in the XC and busted up his face pretty darn good.

Jeremiah Bishop topped the podium in the Marathon today and pretty much had an All-Star weekend. Chris Eatough rolled with a strong 3rd place and staying on top of the series standings.

And then the photo of the day, Rad Ross Schnell drinking coffee and riding the one handed wheelie! That boy has skillz!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

whoa - other people call him Rad Ross too? him and his sister were the dynamic duo - Rad Ross and Racin' Rana. it's been good to see schnell back at it...


9:23 PM  

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