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Saturday, August 13, 2005

So you want to quit your job....

To answer some questions I have received on how one makes the career move financially possible into the cycling biz I will let you in on a couple of my secrets...

1. First off, shift the focus of your lifestyle to "simplicity". Less you own, the less you have to pay for.

2. Sell off your car. Their are plenty of friends to car pool to the races with and your car can be a major financial stress.

3. Be flexible with your living situation. Be willing to go wherever it is cheapest. Hopefully a friend will take you in because they admire your commitment to your goals (thanks Whitey, Duke, Matt & Kelly, Zack, Jeff, Ross, George, and everyone else who has let me crash at their house for a while!)

4. Learn to cook, going out is a waste and the choices you make in your own kitchen are 10 x better...

This is just a start but a good look into how I live the way I do. Going to work is riding your bike...Life is good!

I am currently driving from Boulder to West Virginia so stay tuned for stories from the road!


Blogger Mom said...

Wish I were at the race in West Virginia to cheer you on, Nick! What town will you be racing in? I remember this as a very rugged course, but one you've always enjoyed visiting! Best of luck to you this year! Love ya! Mom

5:08 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

Man, Boulder to Snowshoe that's a freaking trip! Good luck there. Great blog too.

1:32 PM  

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