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Saturday, August 20, 2005

The XC Aftermath

Andy Mills (Southeast Trek/VW) gets some lovin'

No pics of the XC yet... stay tuned, just some pics to make you go Ahhh

Ever experience a whole body cramp? No... How about going so hard your teeth start to itch? Well today I went through all the emotions and then some. I feel like I just finished running a marathon with a 50 lb bike accessorized with mud. I witnessed some serious carnage, I hope JHK is alright, and hearing Andy Mills screaming "my wrist" in the woods wasn't so pleasant either.

Said and done the podium looked like this... With Trek/VW all over it!

1. Kabush - Maxxis
2. Tyrone Bishop - Trek/VW
3. Adam Craig - Giant
4. Barry Wicks (mad props yo!) - Kona
5. Chris Eatough - Trek/VW

I nearly cracked the top 20 today (one of my season goals) sitting in 21st with one lap to roll and then kaboom, the check engine light came on and dehydration set it hard. I hope I still finished in the twenties..


Blogger Mom said...

Way to go, Nick! (But...itching teeth? Not sure what was going on with that?? Hope you are feeling o.k. today.) I'm assuming these pics were taken of Andy BEFORE the race? Hope he is o.k. and no broken wrist. Congratulations to all of you finishers..What an accomplishment! A special "Hi" to Adam Craig.
Love, Mom

6:12 AM  
Blogger Lej said...

West "By God" Virginia. Good spot. I learned how to suffer on a bike there in Grad School. Live the dream, keep up the good work.

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Nick!! I know you'll be in the top 20 soon! I have one of your racing pics on my desk at work....It is a true picture of dedication and motivation. You are inspiring and I'm so proud of you!
Your Sis
PS-Next time you come home, can you bring me one of those ADORABLE puppies????? :-)

8:52 PM  

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