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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

24 Hr Prep Time

Check out this massive buck on saw on my ride today.

I have no explanation for this one. Zap captured this pose of Bobke (our trusted voice of the Tour de France and cycling legend) at the Trek Dealer show. My old coach told me a story of Bob roller skating in a Russion Airport in an attempt to get the gaurds to laugh, or at least stike a smile. They just stood there with their massive guns and let Mr. Roll do his thing.

Lights and Motion hooked it up!

Today is designated, "getting dialed in day". Just got my lights from our sponsor Light and Motion. Check these things out... people were pulling over on the bike path and yelling at me because they were so bright! Starting to get amped for the Kona Global 24 Hr race this weekend. Tristan Schouten, Becca Blay, Ross Schnell and Myself will be flying the Trek/VW flag. (I can't forget all-star wrench Billy Holmes!
will have our back as well!)


Blogger Jeff Kerkove said...

24 Hour racing = fun, ravenous cravings for food, and lots of hot, hot women.

Well...it's all true, but for the hot women part *sigh*

Have fun!!!

4:32 PM  
Anonymous xtr said...

i have to say, i'm glad zap was able to provide the rocky horror picture show image. i'm not sure if i'm proud or embarressed that i lived it with him in mid august. what a frick'n blast. keep hammering! wish i could be there living the life with you.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


How about an update on some current ipod tune selections? I could use some inspiration in my own mp3 player. It'd be cool to know what you cats are rockin'.

Team Casa Ramirez

8:54 PM  
Blogger Adam Lisonbee said...

That deer looks like you just caught him looking through the window and witnessing the scene with she-man and Bobke.

Nick, you fielding another Duo-Pro team at Moab this year?

9:58 AM  

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