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Friday, June 09, 2006

The Dirt Tastes The Same

There is mystery in the hussle and bussle that surrounds an airport. Everyone with their own story, their own agenda, their own history. What is amazing is that you can roll through two international airports and maybe talk with two people total....Are we anti-social or just scared of the world.... Or both.

After a near perfect weekend in Vail, (besides my race mechanical) we have descended upon North Carolina for round two of the NORBA National Series. Blending in with the locals is critical to our safety when traveling to these remote parts of the states and no one does it better than Rad Ross.

After witnessing the energy surrounding The Teva Mountain Games, I am a little apprehensive towards the whole NORBA production (bike racers watching bike racers).

It doesn't take a marketing major to notice that something needs to happen in the mountain bike industry, at least on the racing level, if we every want to gain respect as a professional sport. Or maybe it is the outdoor history as a whole. Regardless, the folks behind TMG are on the right track by bringing together a variety of adventure sports to feed off one another's unique energy. (It must be working because I just spent the last two hours on a plane reading Climbing Magazine.... And I am afraid of heights!)

Time to step it up ya'’ll.

Speaking of local's, "The Naked Guy" is not only a well known icon on the NORBA circuit but also a die hard Trek fan... Wondering why is he referred to as "The Naked Guy"..... well you will have to ask him yourself, kids read this site! Thankfully he is fully clothed right now.


Blogger Mom said...

Let's change the anti-social environment one conversation at a time wherever we might find ourselves. Key: Ask others about themselves. Isn't that what people really like to talk about? "C'mon, people, now! Smile on your brother! Everybody get together & try to love one another right now!" (Compliments of the Soul Singers, St. Paul's Catholic Church, Combined Locks, WI, 1968.) I know...I'm dating myself!

Love ya! Best of rides this week, Nick! And thanks for posting photos of my boy...on the bus. Makes me less lonely...............

4:50 PM  
Blogger Stephen D. Zepeda said...

cool shirt he has on... "for now"

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simple mtn biking is passe, who cares about other people suffering for their own gain? Next wave is forming and it's bicycle sumo, get strong and get ready to rock!

6:08 PM  

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