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Monday, June 26, 2006

Rhythm's From The High Country

You know you are a true cyclist when the bikes on your roof are worth more than your car. Trek Travel sets the standard in trailside comforts with killer trails and gourmet trail side food.... Thanks Zap for stuffing this starving professional athlete full of calories throughout this past week.

I waved goodbye to the scorching 100 degree heat of the desert and headed to the high country to one of the most spectacular places in the US, Crested Butte.

If you are contemplating a destination for an epic summer vacation, search no longer. The Butte offers endless miles of breathtaking singletrack and views that are worth writing home about.... You can email me for my address so you can send a thank you card when you return. This one is free but I may have to charge for the next one.

Trail recommendation, The 403 to the 401.... sick!

In other news, Trek/VW has ventured into the world of Xterra. Look for Brian and Jenny Smith'’s smiling faces at an event near you....They should look something like this.

It's a flex off.... Shonny V. is one woman you wouldn't want to challenge to an arm wrestling match. Speaking of arm wrestling.... Ross challenged Christoph Saucer to a match in the bar after Mt. Snow and he respectfully declined....

For every 40 pictures I take, there is one that really stands out in my eyes. The raw grit, emotion and talent capured here is motivation for any athlete. At 50 something Ned Overend has surpassed the definition of "legend" and has moved into a league of his own.


Blogger Rollitup said...

Smith's had that smae hair cut since the 90's tell him to grow a mullet already.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous ed said...

still waiting to hear from ya Nick! hey can you get me a picture of shonny autographed??

9:21 AM  
Blogger jsager said...

a) shonny's a lefty...and that's a righty flex. you ain't seen nuthin' yet.

b)when you go to a race and blog touchy feely, that means you got smoked. I might not have pioneered that, but I sure did my best to refine it.

c)that's why they call Ned The Captain

6:14 PM  

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