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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lap 1, Before the Storm

Thanks to Travis Woodruff for sending this pic of a clean me (this is also pre-bonk) during lap 1 of Aspen's NORBA XC.


Blogger jimmywill said...

saw yer site via tj woodruff, who i race against as a semi-pro.
rad--adding it to the list of things to pass the work hours away--its also the same format as mine...
see y'all in brianhead

3:45 PM  
Blogger jimmywill said...

...and i just scrolled down and saw your entry about dreads...
mine are from years of neglect- no manicuring ever-therefore pretty easy.
its good to have something to seperate you from the other skinny,shaved headed bike geeks.
my dready-bun is mine. you'll notice it in the middle of the pack.
does make helmets tricky...

3:51 PM  

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