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Monday, July 25, 2005

STXC Damage Control

After Saturday's adventure my legs were pretty tender! As I did a couple "hot" laps to open up before the Short Track, I was already sensing the dreaded cramping twinge... not a good sign. All systems were switched to damage control at that time.

Well to give you an insider scoop on what a pro stxc consists of is straight up 101 proof pain. You go completely ballz out right from the gun until you get lapped by the frickin fast cats (usually around 12 minutes into the race for us rookies). Start position is everything and finally I have worked my way up to the second row. These races are suppose to last 20 minutes plus 3 laps... I have only stayed in for one! I guess you just have to pay your dues. After yesterday's effort I moved up 1 spot overall to 29th...

The starts can be pretty scary with everyone fighting for position since that is pretty much where the race develops. From there you just try to hang on. I can feel myself working my way up, but I can also see this is going to take a couple YEARS to get used to.

Pictures are of the STXC Start and an attempted Ice Bath the night before! Anything you can do to speed recovery. Tristan recommended it... I don't!

Velonews link to the Race Report below.
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