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Monday, August 22, 2005

The Snowshoe Adventure Draws To An End

Paul Rowney Shows His Game Face

Moonshine! Yep This Is The REAL DEAL!

This weekend I have learned a lot and most of it wasn't cycling related at all. I have learned more about the mind and how simple vibrations can totally change your precieved exersion, controlling how far your willing to push your limits. Mentally put yourself in a state of positivity and the rest will fall into place. (I swear this is not the Moonshine talking)

Special thanks to Stephen Zepeda for hooking up my new banner on top of this page! Thanks for your time and artistic energy!

Stay tuned as I will have pics from the Snowshoe Short Track...

Btw the duct tape (from the previous posts) is so your shoes don't get sucked off by the horrible mud conditions.


Blogger Stephen D. Zepeda said...

haha no prob ;)

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Chris Conrad said...

Shine! So many uses!

A great solvent for cleaning wheel bearings.
Just the ticket for removing duct tape goo from your socks.
A first rate antiseptic.
An unparalleled astringent.
A marvelous charcoal lighter fluid.
The zenith of paint thinners.
I've heard that people even drink it!

Uncle Crispy

4:47 PM  
Anonymous kate martin said...

Hey, you forgot about Moonshine antifreeze!

8:30 PM  
Blogger mtnmcnett said...

Never put shine in a lexan bottle. You will never rid yourself of the horror that is its odor.

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rowney is an animal. I think we all learn a lesson from him, although sometimes our mothers may not approve!

And that helmet, boom...!! Ow.

Just an Aussie cruising your blog, you never know how far you reach.. ;)

5:12 AM  

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