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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Soundtrack of My Mind

Most of my day is spent with music in my ears, whether it is in the car, on the bike, or just chillin, music is my other passion. Upon request I have carefully put together a playlist of what makes me "go'" right now (it changes every month).

If your interested in a copy of this drop me a email at npmartin24@yahoo.com and I will burn a copy for ya.

Ideal for driving soundtrack (inspired during my drive back from Vermont)

Song ***** Artist

A Perfect Sonnet ***** Bright Eyes
Lover I Don't Have to Love ***** Bright Eyes
Sound of Settling ***** Death Cab for Cutie
Start it Over ***** Dispatch
Change ***** Blind Melon
I Don't Know the Songs Name ***** Jane's Addiction
Vindicated ***** Dashboard Confessionals
Rodeo Clowns ***** G Love
Summer Breeze ***** Jason Mraz
Penelope ***** Pinback
405 ***** Death Cab for Cutie
Little Pink Stars ***** Radish
Decade Under The Influence ***** Taking Back Sunday
All I Need ***** Air
Feel Good Inc. ***** Gorillaz
I'm Doing Fine ***** Xavier Rudd

I know I put a couple songs from the same artist, but you know what... I don't care cause it rocks!

Sven Martin Benefit at Mammoth

A great friend to the mountain bike community, SVEN MARTIN, was broke his neck while riding in Whistler just before the Crankworx MTB festival. Luckily, Sven was not paralyzed, but he will be out of commission for at least 3 months+. If anyone would like to donate product for the raffle, you can call 760-443-3344 or drop an at jdd@dylandeandesigns.com. Or you can bring the product with you at Mammoth. We are all part of this community!


Blogger Mom said...

After checking out the site for Sven's benefit raffle, I thought others like me like to have this address where they can send monetary donations if they can't make Mammoth on the 17th:

c/o Jeremiah Dean
P.O. Box 461029
Escondido, California 92046

Praying for Sven's full and speedy recovery.

God Speed,

4:31 AM  
Blogger Fritz said...

Whatever about the driving music, I really like that *COOL* photo!
That download PC games comment from Anon is SPAM, BTW.

8:55 AM  

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