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Monday, September 12, 2005

Said and Done

The fastest Team 24 hour Podium I have ever seen.

I appoligize for those looking for "live" updates last night. Things got pretty heated and all of my energy was left out there on the trails.

To make a 24 hour story short, we alternated being in the lead with 3D/Tamarack 11 times! Almost every other hour and the difference never got more than 14 minutes. With 3 laps to go we were coming on really strong, putting in our best laps of the day to attempt to pick away at their 10 minute lead. With one lap to go we had brought it within 6.5 minutes and Tristan was out for a hot lap. It was a lot to ask of T, to bring in that much of a gap back in one lap, but we had hope! He stomped out another 46 minute lap but we still trailed by 4 minutes. So a 24 hour battle, seperated by 4 minutes! UGHUGHUGH!

We threw all our cards out on the table to go for the"W". The racing was intense and I am still stoked to even get second. They had a great team and it was crazy how equally matched things were. Click here for full results.

After an effort like that it makes me question 24 hours of Moab in a month, where I was planning on rocking duo again with Brian Smith. These things are just so bloody hard!

A huge shout out to Billy Holmes our wrench this weekend! He went above and beyond his calling and didn't let something as little as getting arrested earlier bring him down! Thanks brotha!


Blogger Stephen D. Zepeda said...

haha awesome post! :)

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Chris Conrad said...

Congratulations, Nick, and to the whole team! And yes, a close 2nd in an event of this nature should make you stoked, and here's why:

Being a baseball fan, I like to do the math:

24 hours = 1440 minutes
4 minutes divided by 1440 minutes = .00278

In other words, the difference between Trek/VW and Tamarack at Winter Park is statistically insignificant!

Don't question Moab. I think this bodes well for you at Moab. If you're team can perform as well as you did at Winter Park, then you're easily within a statistically insignificant striking range to take the top stair of the podium!

I say go for it!

Uncle Chrispy

3:41 PM  
Blogger Mom said...

You are TOPS in my book! No question about it!!!!

4:59 PM  
Blogger Ian Stanford said...

A couple of hours a few times a day at Illegal Petes and you should have your calories back up to par. These races hurt and you wonder why you do them until a few days past and then you go "that was pretty damn cool." This only leads to returning for the next year of it and saying the same exact things in that order. 24 Hours races with stress do really suck. I just got done with one like that in Minnesota.Good job guys. -Ian S.

5:14 PM  

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