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Monday, July 02, 2007

Standing Up To Murphy's Law

In Colorado the 4th of July means the annual Firecracker 50.... 50 grueling miles, 12000 vertical feet of climbing and roughly 4 hours of pain. Since it has been a solid week since I last saddled up, I am predicting a world of hurt that I haven’t felt in a while. Take Jeff’s drool and multiple that by 10....

Lately the Trek/VW squad has been dealt a string of misfortune. “Rad” Ross’s crash back in Park City has left him in a full leg splint and about 3 weeks off the bike... To pass the time he has been pickin’ his banjo, breakin' in his new pair of Carharts, and getting caught up on his secret fetish for romance novels.

On another note, our teammate Bruce Muhlfeld hit the deck pretty hard in Crested Butte and was taken out by Flight for Life to the Grand Junction Hospital where he is expected to be for the next couple weeks. At 50 years young, Bruce is one of the toughest guys in the field and I am confident he will be back to his adventurous self in no time.

Make sure you swing by Bruce’s site and give him some positive words of encouragement as he heads down the road to recovery.


Blogger Eddie A. said...

geez man! ive been off the bike for about 4 days now with a stomach bug, finally feel like riding! this 24 solo training has been kickin my butt!

8:26 AM  
Blogger gwadzilla said...

it is amazing

we ride our bikes feeling like gods
then the earth grabs us and throws us down
showing our mortal weakness

we all need to respect our lives
appreciate what we have
and enjoy what is around us

2:46 PM  

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