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Friday, March 24, 2006

I Need An Air-Conditioned Helmet

The hardest part of today, was not the 85 degree heat, the feeling of your cramped toes curling inside your shoes, or the attack Kris Sneddon threw down that finally popped me.... it was knowing that I was going to have to write about it later.

After two solid laps in the lead group of 5, I was feeling like a million bucks and actually believing I was going to be on my first NORBA podium as a Pro. Unfortunately that thought is quickly followed by an "however". In one moment, I went from all systems go, to the "check engine soon" light blaring in my face.

The heat had cracked me and within seconds I was one giant cramp, I DNF'd... that won't happen again this year, I promise. Lesson learned: When you are from the cold and your first race is a Marathon in the blaring heat...Take it easy.

The entire Marathon looked like a war zone. If your stomach is queasy, I apologize, but the tough guy of the day award goes to Yuri Hauswald who rode 2 laps like this. Hardcore....

On the side of the course lied a set of gloves and a bike jersey littered in cactus. The entire race I was wondering who that poor soul was.... I found my answer.

Mad props to Jenny Smith for thowing down and winning her first Pro NORBA. Keep your eye on her this season, big things are still to come from this woman.

Tomorrow is another day and another lesson....


Blogger Stephen D. Zepeda said...


5:21 PM  
Anonymous scott said...

Nick FYI....

Jeff fyi...
All, I am excited to see so much positive energy about the series. As one of the promoters of the Breck 100 we are just excited to be a part of it and showcase our event to an even wider spectrum of riders. This race is and will become a must ride endurance race in North America. The air is hard on all of us. I would not worry too much about even the locals having that much of an edge over you. I live right next to the course and it burns me. It is the type of race you are obviuously going to need the lungs and guns for, but in the end it will be those that have the mental advantadge that get out in front. We have the course even more dialed in this year and have "improved" some routes. We have some great sponors and prizes set up, and should be an exciting race. We do have a relationship with a resort in Breck(very nice place) Beaver Run Resort. They are one of our sponsors and give our race participants a very nice deal above and beyond their off season pricing. It is all on our site. Going to have a bar in town doing a post race party, in the same park that day is a national ultimate frisbee championship, so it should be a killer weekend. Come out to Breck!!! What I would recommend you do is come two weeks before the Breck100 and spend the July fourth holiday in the high country. You could come to a two day race / festival at Eldora Ski Resort west of Boulder and race in our two days of extreme XC madness, check it out at our site www.warriorscycling.com . That is on the 1st, and 2nd of July. The resort is opening up the area to camping, and will be serving beer and food, music ect... Then from there you could come to Breck and race the Firecracker 50 in Breck on the 4th. Great place to be on the fourth! Then you have another week to ride the course and get ready for the Breck 100. Hope to see you all out here!

Scott - Warriors Cycling

Written by: scott - Warriors Cycling at 2006/03/25 - 17:15:38
Oh, by the way we do award the NORBA SS State tilte at Eldora....

Written by: scott - Warriors Cycling at 2006/03/25 - 17:30:37

10:05 AM  

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