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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm Not Fat, Just Big Boned

Everyone was busting out their shiny new toys for the opening NORBA. Trebon on the other hand was busy showing off his new bike fit. I guess he apted to shorten his reach for a little more control. Bold move, but it seems to have paid off.

The Trek camp had a shuffling of the guards this off season. Head wrench Zack Vestal got bumped into the hot seat, taking on the role as our new team manager. Life on the road will dull anyone's edges. A little jitter juice is like photo shop, brightens everything up.

Somehow the DMV gave this man a license to drive a rig. Dusty, our new head wrench, got a tool belt and a set of allen keys for christmas...... Be careful what you wish for, now he is our go to guy.

When it's hot we dream of the cold. When it's cold we dream of the heat. This is what we get for racing on April Fools.... 40 painful miles. Decker's skinsuit may be drenched in salt and sweat but his skin is soft and exfoliated (Not that I know.... that's just what I heard).

One road trip down, 20 more to go.

Looking for another site to surf before you have to leave the cube and refill your coffee mug? Swing by Cycling News and check out the rider's diaries.... Nick who?


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that's more like it.

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