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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Running Out Of Turbo

This week I have been playing victim to mother nature. Nonetheless I am proud to say that my annual trainer hours still holding true at 0.

JHK took Ranno and I on one final death march before we head out to the infamous Sea Slaughter....

Contrary to popular belief, even the top dawgs wash their own bikes. Pimping ain't easy.... it may look easy but it ain't easy.

Speaking of pimpin... Alan Obye just moved into town and signed with Jamis for '07. Too bad his new ride doesn't have a bike rack....

PS: If you thought the FRS challenge was impressive wait to you see what's next on our Road Trip Challenge part II.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pics from your rides provide us with some amzing scenery. But I'm a roadie and I have no idea where the pics are taken. How about mapping out some of your favorite courses around Boulder so that we know where you are talking about.
Keep Riding!!!

10:59 AM  

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