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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Boulder STXC Practice

It's that time of year again and despite my reluctance to wake up early and blow out the lungs .... I have opted to round up the troops and get after it. The morning short track crew is meeting up behind Vics on Wednesdays at 8am and the evening troops are meeting at Cutting Edge Sports at 5pm. Two chances to get your Short Track on....

Somehow Ranno and I have talked T Brown into lending us his two prototype 69er Fuels.... Hands down the sickest ride I have ever trown my leg over.

You can't really reinvent the wheel but this bike will change our sport. Travis may have to come knock on my door to get this one back...


Anonymous Uncle Chrispy said...

That's got to be two of the coolest looking bikes I've ever seen.

The big front tire gives it a flat-track Harley Sportster look.

You get all the cool swag, ya punk.

9:15 PM  

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