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Monday, July 09, 2007

There Will Be A Light

Congrats to Schalk and Eatough for holding down the fort for the Trek VW squad up in British Columbia's epic Pacific Traverse. Schalk has made huge strides in the right direction.... from complaining about his lack of technical skills to jumping into what has been dubbed the "most technical race in history" with Mr. "Technical" himself, Chris Eatough. Nice work guys....

We were about ready to sacrifice a goat if things didn't start to turn around in the Trek camp.

Call it a hunch but I think a gnome with a pipe is more mother nature's style....

This past weekend's Firecracker 50 was a quick reminder that I need dig deep within myself to find my "will to suffer". Some call it a "broken motivator" others call it "the pain cave" some even refer to it as the "check engine soon light". Whatever your lingo, once you loose it, it takes some serious soul searching to bring 'er back.

It isn't easy when your passion is a sport that can literally bring you to your knees week in and week out.... you would think after 10 years of racing I would have it figured out?

Jay Henry on the other hand doesn't seem to be suffering from that problem. Getting married and winning the marathon national championship in only a matter of a couple days.... talk about ultra endurance.


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