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Friday, July 20, 2007

Distracted By Something Shiny

While most of our fellow lycra super heros are back in Vermont chasing the NORBA dream..... Ranno and I were scoping out the routes for this week's new adventure, Subaru's Urban Assault Race.

Stay tuned as Ranno and I try not to get hit by another car....

No feed zones, no lap count, no canadians.... just 9 check points and mapquest.

Now I am a Volkswagen fan by nature, not default.... With that being said I do have to give Subaru props for learning the art of carcuss hucking.....

All this scouting pavement has left me listening to a little too much punk rock... you have to hand it to Green Day for staying core.

Punk's not dead.... it got a desk job


Anonymous Uncle Chrispy said...

Not only is your aunt a punk with a desk job, she also drives a Subaru, and sometimes when I ride with her, I feel like she's driving kind of like the guy in the video.

As for me, Volks are cool, Subee's are cool, but I'll take my MGB, hands down.

In fact, there's a really cool old MGB ad on youtube. You can go to my myspace account and click on it.


7:44 PM  

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