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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Virgin Territory

Talk about shooting in the dark.... Sager and I decided to try to make it back to back urban assault wins this weekend, only this time it was in Denver, a city neither of us knows anything about. I took us nearly an hour of navigating just to find the start.

Sometimes a photo can just come together at the right moment. The views from within these city walls are a welcomed break from the 100 degree mountain climbs I have been getting used to.

It's a culture brought together by the freedom of two wheels. Whether you are a cutter....

.... or a lover. The bike has its own universal language.

Make sure to swing by Sager's to get the other half of the story.

On a side note "Rad" Ross swung by this weekend in his new VW sponsored ride. He may be on the injured reserved list but he sure is'nt slowing down.


Anonymous colon blow said...

come on Martini. Even I was in Telluride this weekend. When are you going to stop beating up on the little people and come back to the front lines? Maybe I could race Ranno's or your bike if you don't need it?

3:35 PM  
Anonymous colon blow said...

come on Martini. Even I was at Telluride this weekend. When are you going to stop picking on the little kids at your urban assault race and come back to the front lines. Or are you scared of some ex-mtber, turned ex-roadie, turned reformed mtber kicking your ass.

3:38 PM  

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