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Monday, February 27, 2006

Clap Your Hands And Say "Yeah"

So after yesterday's epic, Ranno comes home to have USA Cycling waiting for him for a random drug test. When you look like this, I can see why they are suspicious. For me it would be the highest honor to have someone think that I was fast enough, that I could be on drugs.

I have to give my bro, Jeffrey Cormack, a pro snowboarder for Disciple Gloves/Pump X/K2 Snowboards, mad props for his "carcass hucking" courage (that is when he is not chatting it up with his myspace babes). When practicing his latest display of valour he misplaced a chuck of his chin.

Look for a chunk that should fit in right here...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tomorrow Becomes Today

As I clicked over the final pedal stroke of my intervals for the day I realized, "that's it, the season is in full swing". And for the first time in as long as I remember I feel like I have done my homework. Everyday seems to build upon itself, one tiny goal at a time. If you miss one, tomorrow becomes today. Game on...

In an effort to keep things real, Tristan has been practicing his power moto slides, and to be honest, he pretty much has them dialed (note the perfect straight leg form)! Nothing makes you smile as quickly as chaos and burning rubber.

I shouldn't say nothing... Ranno just got his Short Track bike dialed in. I don't know, I think the surround-sound may not be UCI legal?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Carcass Hucking

Martini's word of the day:

Carcass Hucking: /'kar-kes/ /huk-n/ verb meaning "to carelessly throw your living, physical body, down the side of a mountain without abandon"

The definition of this word embodies the reason why I will never be a successful pro roadie, that is unless the UCI starts allowing disk brakes and riser bars in the peleton. It doesn't matter how much time I can put into a group on the climbs, I still get worked over on the descents, like a phat kid in dodge ball. These cats are sitting on their top tubes, hucking themselves down the mtn at 50 mph, crazy! Throw in a tablespoon of random cross winds, a pinch of snowy/gravel roads, and touch of the over-grown deer population and you have me..... Getting dropped.

Bottom line, pavement hurts a lot worse then dirt and I wasn't born with the "carcass hucking" gene.... Our team manager, Jon "Poz" Posner on the other hand was! Go big or go home.

Only in Boulder do they let the baristas wear a helmet behind the espresso machine!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tailwinds Forever

... is how Greg Lemond signed this poster for me back in the day, and those words still vibrate between my ears. I envision that is how it feels to be at the top of your game, almost effortless, as if there is a 30 mph force at your back that only you can feel. Something to aspire to... (btw this is random but that sweet pin is compliments of Mike Curiak's garage).

Unfortunately today I felt like my brakes were sticking, seriously, I think they were. No way could I have simply felt like a pile of poo, that couldn't be it. I must have had a headwind the entire time... or maybe this new seat I am trying out is just too heavy, or maybe it was that extra 4 oz of water I was carrying. It is never your own fault or the bottle of wine you enjoyed last night talking.... in the words of the retro "Chain Smoke" movie, "Tequila tonight, tomorrow we ride!".

This is one of those new "Scratch and Freeze" photos. Seriously, scratch your screen until you can feel how cold it is here.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Wish I Could Fly First Class....

and change the forecast.

Upon returning home to Boulder, I was greeted by these sub-par training conditions, pretty sweet if your into that whole skiing scene. It is seriously painful to even walk out to the car (like -2 deg) moreover attempt to ride outside and risk life and limb. Lucky for me this weather arrived during my rest week, leaving me feeling like a hobbit, retreating to his dark hole. I will stop whining now before I hear from all you hardcore Midwest cats that bundle up every day...

This quite time as given me an opportunity to finally get my travel plans dialed in for '06. If you find yourself at any of these events, make sure you swing by the Trek stable and say "sup". BTW, for the first 100 people that approach me at any of these events and mention that they check out this site, I have "something" for ya.

The national trailer has AJ at Victory Circle Graphix to thank for its new look. You know you made it big when your cameo ends up on the side of a trailer!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Thank You

I guess if you are taking the time to read these words, then you are officially open and interested in what I have to say.... Oh boy, here we go! What strikes me so much about the whole "blog" culture is that you can get to know someone's dreams, aspirations, up and downs, pretty much their whole lifestyle.... without ever meeting them (I find that intriguing). For those of you that read my site and don't "know" me I hope you can get an honest feel for who I am and want to become... For those of you that "know" me and read the site, I hope it offers you some inside line on better understanding my lifestyle and where I am going.

When I first started this site I was only trying to find a channel for my nervous energy, the day before my first World Cup Race in Angel Fire New Mexico. Since then I have stumbled my way through my rookie season on the pro circuit and I am still here to write about it.

As the site develops and the story unfolds, I hope that it can offer another perspective into the very physically and emotionally demanding sport of cycling. Thank you for log'n and listening to what I have to say... Looking forward to 'O6 - Best of Rides, Martini.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Through Sepia Toned Glasses

Back 2 back epics has left band camp completely exhausted. Since we are so worked over by the end of the rides, we just toss the bikes in the trailer and pray that they will fix themselves by morning's ride. (Never works?)

It took a while for me to coax Tristan away from the ledge, he had taken his hardtail hostage and was not about to hop back on. I guess you could rock the hardtail in Wisco but here in the Rockies it is a completely different story. That John Denver guy was full of....

I was feeling a little artistic so I thought I would raid your screen with a little sepia toned graphics.

Thought of the Day: Is the glove compartment accurately named?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Keepin' Single Track Single...

... is the motto of the whole Fruita mountain bike scene and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why. With single track like this, it is easy to ride an entire day away. The scene of today's crime was the 18 Road Trailhead, my personal favorite: "Joe's Ridge". Brraaappppp.... I wonder how many feet of snow Sager would have to shovel to see the trails?

Back at the general's table, it usually takes at least 3 full pots of coffee for the soldiers to figure out the battle plan for the day. If you can't read Tristan's lips, he is saying, "I am not going to let any of you Colorado guys talk me into anything stupid".... too late!

The Discovery Team may use a friendly game of paintball to dial in their team bonding skillz, here at band camp we just lay down in front on one another.

It is sad to say but camp comes to a close on Monday, then it's back to Boulder for more of the daily grind. My mobile office just got a memo from Boulder's own, Colin "I gotta go do homework" Becker. It looks like I won't be shedding any layers any time soon, damn that looks cold! (Note Chris "I'll ride my bike around the world" Jung's permanent smile in the back ground... he's thinking, um, nothing because his brain is frozen.)

Check this out for your daily dose of free entertainment, Give the world a gem sweater. And if your still looking for more check out this sweet smelling sweater salad.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Breaking News

Scope this... yesterday we rode up the Grand Mesa to the local ski resort. Probably the closest thing to a "Tour Climb" on the western slope, a 28 mile climb with about 5000 feet of suffering. Later that night while watching the channel 8 news we found out that there was a Lance Armstrong spoting on the Mesa that afternoon.... Goes to show you how worth while our news really is...we must have dropped him!?

Ever get that feeling like you are "That Guy"? Well Whitey took it in stride and managed to break a new record, getting 6 legit flats (one for every hour) and all in different places. "Umm guys, I think I have another phlat...."

We have been scoping this skate park out all week. Finally today it wasn't littered with little gromits, waiting to make fun of our super lyra uniforms and skinny tires. If you want to freak yourself out, try dropping into a bowl on your road bike... works everytime.

I have been at camp so long it is starting to feel like home. My little nest in the corner is actually heart-warming, I am getting used to eating nothing but elk and pancakes, I haven't washed any casual cloths in two weeks because all we wear are chamois, and I still don't know what day it is... looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Super What?

Talk about complete isolation, I can honestly say I had no idea who was even playing in the Super Bowl until yesterday. If ignorance is bliss then I am on my way to becoming a full fledged Monk. Outside of Colorado's Wine Country roads and Velo News, I really am not exposed to much of anything (politically I am worthless).

Band Camp has been off the hook and if feels good to be pounding the dirt day in and out. With views like this, who needs the skinny's? (I know, I know, it would be a whole lot cooler if Gudex was in the pics.... Tristan will have to do.)

All up in Whitey's Grill... Off the bike, the scene looks pretty glamorous. Lucky for us we have an old school Nintendo to twiddle our thumbs at.

On a side note, I have been chewing on the idea of doing Curiak's underground Kokopelli Race. Self supported, no race tape, meet in a parking lot at 3 am, no race fees, no prize money... just a qwest for adventure. Now that I have even thrown the idea out there MC is probably going to hold me to it.... guess I better brush up on my survival skillz.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Step Away From the Coffee

My days have been disappearing, rolling over into the next quicker than I can tune my derailleur. I barely have time to think in between riding, sleeping, eating and washing my gear. Our kitchen has quickly turned into the local bike shop and Ross spent the entire night staring at his new ride.

This is just another reason to keep your eyes on the trail.... Let your eyes wonder on this section and you will find out that you are actually allergic to gravity.

Before the ride today we had our team photo shoot... Tristan has it stuck in his mind that he is a lycra version of his hero, Chuck Norris.

Things around the dinner table have been getting pretty crazy. Schnell has made a commitment to being healthy this season and is even thinking about starting to drink water (be afraid, be very afraid).

On a side note, stay tuned to the Trek/VW Factory website and the new featured JBL Rider Playlist. Each rider will randomly be posting his/her own playlist for special occasions. I think Ranno's "Songs to feed your cat to" is coming up next month...