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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Firing On Both Pistons

Another day in the saddle is in the books and my legs are starting to feel like lactic acid is running through their veins. There isn't a day off in sight so I will have to see if Sager will follow through on that massage he offered up...

"Camp Trek" was lucky enough to have Mike "The Human Powered Legend" Curiak along for the ride. Afterwards he gave us the inside line from his shop and showed us where all the mad prep goes down. Apparently you need more than just a CO2 and a boy scout manual to win a 1,100 mile race across Alaska!?

BTW, this morning I received an e-card from the Chihuahua I ran over the first day of camp.... Apparently he was a little bigger than I thought.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Man Up

Holy cow. Yesterday was a fantastic ride, if not freezing cold. What's
new, eh? I'm in Colorado, fool. Sager, Whitey, and homeyo man'd up and
added the Monument loop after the others peeled off.

Oh snap! All is not well in the canyon lands. Mrs. Smith and Martini
had a few words, and even though I suggest snow mud wrestling, they
decided to take two paces and 'bout face in a digital camera

Which reminds me of a lesson I once learned the hard way - NEVER under
estimate a Kiwi...those New Zealanders are savy and just when you
think its time to reload...bam, you just got smoked.

After two days of pounding pavement it was time to hang up the skinny tires and head back to our dirty roots. There are moments when pictures cannot really depict the epic nature of an event or place..... With that said, let me introduce you to Fruita's singletrack. I know Johan and Deez would have none of this, but we couldn't pass up a day of mtb riding. I mean, we are in Fruita after all.

Dropping in... Sager makes it look like he has done this before. It doesn't take long to figure out why the western slope is one of the best kept secrets in the mountain biking community.

Sun, sticky dirt, a new Cdale Rush on its virgin ride...whoops, bros,
and nose wheelies. Just like a Coors Light, it just doesn't get any
better than this.

On another note: Sager's new Maxxis 4.0" snow and rock tire. Sweet rolling resistance.

Tristan has had Snoop Dogg on repeat all week and it is starting to sink in. When I asked him what he was going to do with all the money he made from cross this season he replied, "I'm lowering my Ford Focus and rolling on 24's..... Biatch".

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Band Camp

Camp is officially underway and the leader jersey is still up in the air... gotta win training camp! Unfortunately today I ran over a chihuahua, head on, with both wheels. The pup jumped out in from of us and held his ground, I had no choice.... Somehow the little guy pulled through and l am happy to report that he will live to fight another day. (I doubt he will be chasing any lycra in the near future.)

Tristan is trying to start a new movement in the cycling scene: the double visor, almost as bad as the double denim. Coming to a group ride near you.

If you can out ride the charge on your ipod, your ride was a success. Day two is in the books and nothing is more motivating then riding new roads amongst good friends.

The hardest part about the next two weeks is going to be keeping busy off the bike.... Guess I could build up our new trusty steeds...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hold Your Line

T'was the night before training camp an all through the house, I can't find a flippin wireless signal so I might just bust out....

Tristan Schouten flew in today and brought the worst possible training camp baggage w/ him.... A cold. His response was, "I must be getting fast cause Todd Wells is always sick!"

So I am nearly out of Cytomax and having to train with alternative fuel... I have resorted to the "Cold Stones" but for some reason it is a lot harder to hold my line. They may not have an optimal 4:1 ratio of carbs to proteins but they do taste smooth when chilled on these long mountain roads.

Speaking of long mountain roads, this is my "Ah I love Boulder" pic of the day. Stay tuned as I broadcast our tales from camp over the next couple weeks. Word is that Sager is going to put down his tofu and show up...

Btw, next time you find yourself looking for the right card to lay down, just ask: What would Chuck Norris Do?

Monday, January 23, 2006

Carbs are Carbs?

"Rad" Ross Schnell sent this picture postcard in from his secret training camp in Mexico. Ross is always willing to make the sacrifices.

So it is about time that Mother Nature dealt me a bad card on the weather front. Nonetheless, Ranno and I ventured into the mountains and once again froze our hands off.... You think we would learn.

Now you were not suppose to see this.... but I had to dust off the trainer to finish the final hours (I actually got Moab sand all over my floor). I know, I know... but it was REALLY cold!

On a side note I talked to Bezecny and guess he put in a hard earned 36 hours in the saddle this week.... I wouldn't wish those saddle sores on anyone.....leave it to the roadies.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Worth Every Penny

Did you know that during a moderate 1 hour bike ride the average cyclist will perform over 3,000 pedal rotations with each leg?

Throw in a bum hip (in my case) and each stroke increases the potential for injury, but small adjustments to seat heights or foot positioning can make a significant difference in preventing injury, eliminating pain and improving performance.

Like I said before, "If I were to spend my hard earned dough on anything bike related, it would be a 3-D bike fit analysis at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine". Yesterday I had my opportunity and thanks to Todd Carver, Jeff Guerra and Jeremy Rodgers I am feeling like a new man in the saddle.

The 3-D fit analysis stands alone in the bike fit industry because kinematic data can be captured by the system while patients ride their bike on a stationary trainer for 10-15 minutes. During that time, multiple camera views provide the clinician a complete three-dimensional view of the hip, knee, and ankle angles to determine if the patient pronates, internally rotates the knees or has other physical or cycling gait abnormalities.

Evaluation revealed that my right leg was about 15% less efficient then my left, forcing me to compensate with my entire left side... Which explained my constant pains and aches. By the end of the fit, I was completely dialed in on both the road and the mtb and today I feel like a million bucks (thanks to some pedal washers, cleat canting/shimming and multiple changes in my saddle position). I cannot stress enough how important it is to address your position on the bike and find your power zone. Check these guys out, their work is priceless, and they have proven themselves to be the best in the business.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Stoke The Fire

Over the past week Ranno and I have been having "motivation" for breakfast, feeding off one another's excitement to explore and connect the endless dirt routes around Boulder. With views like these who needs a road bike?

The Gold Hill General Store saved our unprepared souls once again. The owner threw another log on the fire to help us get home with all our fingers intact.

You know....I would be a whole lot cooler if this was a picture of me riding a one-handed wheelie. My commitment to liberating my front wheel will have to carry over to '06. I am convinced you are either born with the "wheelie" gene or the "guitar" gene.... I got the chords.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Beyond Your Driveway

Imagine this.... Just beyond the end of your driveway lies an entirely new network of trails that you have been neglecting all these years. Now I am not talking about some 10 mile loop, I am talking about 4-5 hour epic mountain bike rides. Welcome to my world....

Ranno and I have been lucky enough to have Olympian JHK as our tour guide, showing us his stash of local training rides. I seriously feel like a whole new world has been opened up to me. It is no wonder these guys make it look easy, they leave their 15 lb road bikes in the garage, and go log the big miles in the mountains, on their MOUNTAIN BIKES!

Tip of the day:

So I totally split my tire wide open on our ride yesterday, which could have left me S.O.L. Save those powerbar/enegry wrappers and stuff them inside your tire to create a barrier between the tube and the exposed trail. I have heard of people using money, socks, and old tubes.... pretty much anything to get you home.

And for your viewing pleasure, check out this cross video clip... Nothing like some full contact kung foo cross attitude to start the week off right.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bob and Weave

Right now I am enforcing "operation recovery!" My legs are kicked up, my stomach is full, my cup is empty and my mountain bike is trashed.

One of the many dirt roads that litter the mountains surrounding Boulder.

Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski took Ranno and I on an epic mountain adventure that made me feel like I didn't even know the area around my home. I think JHK had an alternative motive and pretty much made us suffer like the dogs while he made it look easy. As I was bobbing and weaving all over the place, it dawned on me how many different levels there are within the pro field... and how much work lies ahead.

I will leave you with this happy thought from a ride a couple days back... What more do you need?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Don't Question the Captain

Ever try to take a picture of wind?! Here is my best attempt.... Ever since I landed back in Colorado I have felt like I have been an unwilling subject to wind tunnel testing. Today's highlight reel clocked me at 50 mph, unfortunately I wasn't peddling. I actually thought about taking my camera out to document the blazing speed on my cycling computer but then I had this little vibration between my ears that reminded me I wanted to live today...

As things for our squad in '06 start to line up, I am reminded that every good army needs a strong leader! Thanks "Poz" for being out go-to man!

One from the Archives: Trek VW 2004 Team Training Camp in Moab, UT

January is the time of year when the majority of the squawk on the group rides is centered around where and when everyone is leaving for their training camps. Ah the training camps, my favorite time of year. A bunch of guys getting together on what feels like an old college "spring break" flashback, only everyone is sober, no one owns a bathing suit and we all wear sunblock.

So starting Jan 26th I will be heading down to Fruita for our squad's first training camp. Two weeks of heavy riding with what is turning out to be a heavy hitting group of Pro's from the NORBA Circuit. BBBRRRAAAAAAAPP

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hung Out to Dry

As I sat outside Amante Coffee waiting for the 10:30 "so-pro" group ride (which was actually at 10), I must have counted 50 cyclists heading out of town. This is not counting the 10 other lycra clowns (including myself) putting in their chamois time chilling, armed w/ a fully loaded cup of jitter juice. I love this town!

I ended up riding with an old friend, Dan "Gone Euro" Bowman, who is actually leaving tomorrow for 8 weeks, racing the French Cups in Europe. I met Bowman back in my Fort Lewis days and it is amazing how many our our "og" clan is making it today as professional cyclists.

Well today I got worked, maybe it was the 40 mph head-winds, maybe the relentless climbs, maybe Bowman's superstar status, or maybe it was just the Powerbar stuck in my mouth with a heart rate hovering around 180. Regardless, I felt like I was hung out to dry. Btw, Bishop sent me this... it gives that saying a whole new meaning...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Got Crabs?

I once heard someone say, "If you can't see the ocean, don't eat the fish". Well since I have been in Florida most of my Mom's cooking has featured some sort of aquatic goodness. Last night we had monster sea crabs w/ shrimp and the night before Tuna Steaks. If there is one thing I like to do as much as ride my bike, it's to eat!

Well tomorrow is the final day of Mom's Annual Training Camp.... I am really going to miss her, her kitchen and both freezers! She is my source of inspiration and my biggest fan (as most of you know from her comments on the site)!

You can't fake hard work! This is the result of two weeks in the saddle under the Florida sun. I do miss the Boulder group rides though. The Florida solitude makes the miles tick by slowly.

Since most of you are kicking it at work trying to pass the time, I thought I would drop a couple links your way to help you out:

For your daily fix on two wheels I give you two options; Insane Bike Jump or Pocket Rocket! (compliments of Drewes)

As a guitarist myself, I have to give mad props out to this 6 year old laying down some killer licks.

And somehow this Pro has figured out the secret to no tan lines!?

Monday, January 02, 2006

Year of "your name here"

Well my Dad has proclaimed this year as the "Year of Pat". He has come out firing and on New Year's Day headed out into the Wisconsin tundra to break some ground in the right direction for '06.

Remember, it is not an adventure unless it takes at least a half hour to get dressed! Cheers to those who see past the dirty drive-trains, extra laundry, and salty roads and get outside to ride. I would prefer the dentist to the trainer any day!

My old man (a young 45), is partly responsible for my direction into cycling. He is the hardest working cat I know and has passed his active spirit down the family tree. May the New Year bring out the best in each of you! Breathe Deep...

Btw, tomorrow (Tuesday) @ 8 pm central time, The Travel Channel is having a story entitled "Made In America". The entire show is about the Trek Facilities and what goes down behind their doors... check it out!