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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Who's Will Anyways?

If I could put a price tag on my lifestyle, I would be a billionaire. Ten years ago at my high school graduation I had visions of something along the lines of real estate or golf, never in a million years would I have thought I would be here today. One word.....THANKFUL.

One moment you are chasing Walker Ferguson and Will Frishkorn around on some of the world's finest pavement....

the next you are giving your hommies a guided tour of Boulder's finest dirt. My friend Jason just made the move to Colorado from Wisconsin and I tried to give him the best house warming present I could think of..... singletrack.

I am not sure who this Will character is but Mike has his back. What do ex-pro Mogul skiers do when they retire at the old age of 25.... They take up mountain biking and surf myspace for Ms. Right.

Apparently the people of Gold Hill are trying out some new farming methods and planting black labs.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Boulder STXC Practices Are On

In a town where professional cyclists flock like the salmon of Capistrano, it isn't hard to rally a troop of endorphine junkies to go throttle one another in the light of the early morn. Consider this an open invitation to join us Wednesday mornings @ 8 am behind Vics on Broadway for our weekly Short Track anaerobic get together.

Take note: Ranno couldn't help but ride around in circles on his new 9.9 hardtail and softly mutter, "I feel so sexy right now..." Over and over again.

Fred Dreier, the master-mind behind VeloNew's hit column, "Fred's Eye View", was kind enough to grace us with his presence and make a celebrity appearance. Apparently he didn't eat breakfast and was caught digging in deep for "reserves".

BTW, guess who "crashed and burned" again today?!?! I am unwillingly becoming a pro in this up and coming new sport.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

When It Rains, It Pours

When I finally stumbled through my door after today's ride, I felt like I went 12 rounds with Tyson in a dark alley. If the tree at 20 mph didn't set me straight, the 30 foot tumble down the 45 degree mountain side did. If someday you are lucky enough to ride with Mike West, you too will have a lesson to learn. DON'T even attempt to follow his wheel, you will fall victim to some serious carnage. (Especially if you are trying out your new hardtail) Consider this cat schooled.

I guess it could have been worse....

If MTV cribs would roll through my door right now they would have a healthy laugh at my fridge. Man can not live on Cytomax and Powerbars alone.... or can he?!?

I know my Mom is going to be on the phone as soon as she reads this post.... Hi Mom!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Chamois Tee-Times

My Boulder single-track portfolio just got a little longer. So many trails, so little little time. Ranno and I got a tour of the sick single-track on Tyler Hamilton's 33 acres. Sick..... (did I just say sick twice!)

Afterwards, Ranno took some golf lessons from the man himself. Ranno won't be able to wipe this perma-grin off his face for weeks. He actually has some skillz hiding out under that thin layer of lycra.

Another case of the "You know you made it whens". Check this, Tyler is such a high roller he only hits brand new US Postal balls off the range at his home, one of the best views I have ever seen. Eat your heart out T-Wells...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mountain Lion Time Trials

cankles, /'kank-'lz/ n: def: a universal diameter throughout the lower leg, showing no presence of joints or definition.

It appears my ankle has begun to swell?! Lucky enough for me, Dr. J is in my corner. He hooked up my cankle with some sweet ultra-sound and special negative charged ice bath to help speed my recovery along. Thanks doc....

"A little philly break your heart..... no it was girl". Ranno and I found some old abandoned general store on today's adventure. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to kick back and enjoy a 15 cent coke and swap ole war stories.

Shortly after Ranno's photo shoot we stumbled upon our first mountain lion sighting. Picture two semi-grown men contemplating how to hold/throw their bikes if the cat decided to turn around. "Do you think they are attracted to Red?" "No I just think he will eat the one of us that is off the back...." Brraaaapppp

Monday, April 17, 2006


Voodoo Pro Doug Ryden calls in with some "special" words of encouragement.

this is an audio post - click to play

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Trying To Catch A Break....

I came back from the Otter with a "special" souvenir, a healthy case of Poison Oak which is slowly but surly taking over the real estate on my arms and legs. Not too bad for a $220 entry fee. It is a total coincidence but our new sponsor, Tecnu Extreme, had a case of poison ivy scrub waiting for me when I got back to the mother ship. I guess I am not to worry because the rash is suppose to last only 2-3 weeks!~? Sweet!

I guess things could be worse....

In brighter news: I crashed yesterday and sprained my ankle while trying to clear this steep rocky section. It totally makes you realize how critical a moment can be. One minute things can be rolling smooth with the wind at your back and the next moment your chilling at home with an ankle the size of Filip Meirhaeghe's ego and a rash that itches for a living. I hope chicks dig rashes as much as scars. Living to fight another day....

At least someone on the team looks good in their skinsuit.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Taking It To The Streets

I actually felt guilty today as I dusted off my road bike and took it to the streets. It has been nearly two weeks since I have reached for the skinnys over the phatties.

My friend Al, one of my first training partners from WI, came out to Boulder to see what it was all about. When I asked him if he was up for today's daily dose of "epic" he replied, "Well I didn't come out here to ride easy!" 12,000 feet of climbing later he either loves me or he hates me....

Don't worry about picking up your tickets to the gun show Jeremiah, Stefano has them right here. (As I have stated before, Stefano and JB have a friendly wager rollin, if Stefano can beat JB's time up some climb in Virginia, JB is going to give him his 9.9 race hardtail) Make sure you keep it clean JB, cause this cat is killin' it right now.

So I came home from my ride to find about 1 million calories waiting for me. I guess I won't have to go to the grocery store for a year or so. My personal favorite is putting the Pria Bars in the freezer for that go to late night snack.... they induce Girl Scout Cookie flashbacks?!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Anaerobic Distractions

After two disappointing days rolling around in Sea Otter's sand box, I finally felt like we had a chance to race. Yesterday's big show was barely one step shy of a World Cup field and I managed to pop my best result in a Big League XC to date, 21st overall, 6th American.

I had to try to maintain my focus throughout the race as I would look around and see only the world's best World Cup talent. "Oh, boy here we go again".... But this time it was different, I actually felt comfortable. At one point Adam Craig turned around and said "Nick "F@#%ing" Martini what the hell are you doing up here" I replied, "Catching you!". It's on boys....

Here's to getting dirty!

There are all kinds of bike geek distractions out here at the Otter.... I never thought I would say this, but this picture makes me wonder if it is a bummer we are powered by Shimano.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Dirt In My Ears

I am trying not to invest too much emotional energy into my poor performance in today's 4 minute time trial. I managed to stack it 3 times in matter of four minutes... Do the math and I pretty much rode like I was drunk. I ended up finishing like 76th so at least I finished in the top 77.

Sager has been on the road a little too long, loneliness is starting to set in and his standards are beginning to slip. In his own words, "Bring it.... Oh wait, I has already been brung".

Jeremiah is showing off his early season form, not his early season tan. The word in the pits is that he NEVER takes his heart rate monitor strap off...... Ever!

At least today we finally managed to sample some Californian single track.... 4 days and 8 bike washes later.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Euros Are Coming...

A field of over 110 pros, half of which had funny accents and stylish shoes, managed to totally destroy their brand new team bikes and flashy lycra super hero suits within a matter of 60 minutes. Some spots on the course features hub deep mud pits that sent me flying over the bars at least three times that I can remember.... you think I would have a doctor's degree in bike racing 101 by now.... Nope. Dr. Martini has a nice ring to it.

Speaking of bike racing 101.... yep this picture is me attacking Adam Craig, Ryan Trebon and associates, trying to bridge up to the leaders?!? As it goes with anything in life, if you look around and feel like you are in a little over your head, you probably are. I should have jumped on and relaxed instead of burning all my matches. But it sure was exciting while it lasted.

I don't know what they feed these Euros, but it is a whole 'nother ball game on the other side of the Atlantic. Nutella? I tried warming up behind Bart Brentjes before the race and I nearly passed out.

At least my skin feels soft and subtle from the exfoliating mud bath I took during the race.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Shoot For The Fences

Interstate I-80 can be summed up in four, very American words; Slots, Beer, Tobacco, and Fireworks. Every gas station is fully equipped and every citizen proud. Tomorrow I will land oceanside in Monterey California and stake my claim, as I get fired up for the Sea Otter Classic. You know, life would be a whole lot cooler if mountain bikers got tour buses....

Yesterday I joined up with Team Maverick to rip some local single track before venturing westward. Mike "on the rivets”" West never ceases to amaze me. Words cannot begin to explain this cat'’s riding style. Just when you think he is about to pull out another "“Beloki"”, he breaks through his 45 mph skid and sticks it, 99/100 times.

Note West'’s trademark setup, barends on the mtb riser, function over fashion? Discuss....

For your at work viewing pleasure I bring you the ultimate in urban assault.