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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Such A High Standard Of Living

Maybe someday I will stumble accross some skillz..... knumb chuck skills, computer hacking skills, magic skills, wheelie skills, at this point I will take whatever I can get.

Wondering what World Champion Walker Ferguson has been up? He has actually been training to play professional Flag Football.... wish him luck, I hear the competition is stiff.

So this weekend I am off to Vail for the best event of the year, the Teva Mountain Games. Yes, the same Vail that rhymes with Jail and Bail. I guess Floyd is going to be in the Mtb race.... If I am lucky I might get my picture with him?

Thought I would introduce Sager to his new home in typical Boulder fashion, 3 inches of hail and 1 load of laundry later.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

One More Cup.... Then I'll Go

It was already 1 pm and since we had managed to let the day nearly slip away..... Ranno and I thought we would salvage it with an epic...

The countless miles of old mining dirt roads that litter the mountains above Boulder offer a perfect escape from the daily grind. Here the only thing you will find higher than your elevation is your heartrate.

Don't be fooled by the buffed out singletrack. Somehow we were on the verge of biting off a little more than we could chew. If you ever have to knock on someone's door because you simply need to seek shelter.... you might have suffered from an epic.

Within minutes of this shot we were forced into complete survival mode. From screaming out loud, to walking our bikes downhill, to sitting on someones front porch waiting to think on plan "B", to finally flagging down a jeep to rescue our frozen lycra clad bodies.... we managed to get home. Hey it could have been worse..... Ranno and I might of had to snuggle for warmth.

You can't blame Alan Obye for his perma grin! Maybe it's because he found out he was awarded a full ride to law school.... Maybe it is because he has been vacationing in Park City on the weekends. Or maybe he is just stoked because he is finally having a good hair day.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Destination Dreams

They may speak english but their southern draw is contagious. Playing tour guide this week to the Aussies has helped remind me to appreciate my surroundings. It's always refreshing to see your home through another person's eyes.

Now the Aussies have a saying, well actually they have a lot of sayings but " we ain't lick'n stamps here" pretty much sums it up. They have all graduated from the school of Paul Rowney and they always make sure the ladies remember their accents.

In mountain biker terms, living the dream pretty much boils down to traveling in an RV for the summer and ripping endless singletrack with your mates. Some call all it procrastinating the real world.... we call it living the dream.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Strangled By The 9 To 5

It was back to the roots this past weekend with a little local racing back home in Colorado. There is no such thing as a "easy" local race here in the Rockies. The pace is always NORBA caliper but the atmosphere is nothing short of relaxing.

Thanks to Dales Pale Ale, the beer flowed like wine and the chicken.... well the chicken tasted like chicken.

The Aussies are calling Colorado home as they continue their pursuit of the endless summer. Their tan lines easily gave way their motives.

So far this season I have been taking a pretty solid beating on the national level..... The hardest part of racing is staying on top of your own confidence and not losing the will to fight. Thankfully this weekend I had a little reminder that my legs still work like they should.

Friday, May 11, 2007

It's A Slacker Lifestyle

Our new team vechile is in.... I guess VW has been short on Touaregs this year. Don't ask any questions if our team looks a little suspicious and has a perpetual case of the munchies.

I have been catching a little slack for my lack of updates lately.... Sorry folks, like anything in life it has its ups and downs. I caught the crew over at Velo News playing hooky (or maybe it was "product testing") out on the mountain roads today... looks like I am not the only one slacking.

We may be united by the love for two wheels but this is a totally different sport.... This guy catches like 3 feet of air. Laying it all out... much respect.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Concrete Jungles

Rad Ross has been doing sit ups every night and is anxious to show off his new 3 pack. Ladies please direct all fan mail directly to Ross at rossschnell@yahoo.com.

Fontana, California.... not your typical mountain bike destination. Despite the course being littered with gang signs, homeless shelters, and empty bullet shells, the single track actually rips. Not that I would want to live and train here but once a year isn't too bad.

And besides, where else do you get to warm up on the freeway and fly by cars backed up in bumper to bumper traffic. California dreaming baby....

And for your random viewing entertainment....

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Boulder STXC Practice

It's that time of year again and despite my reluctance to wake up early and blow out the lungs .... I have opted to round up the troops and get after it. The morning short track crew is meeting up behind Vics on Wednesdays at 8am and the evening troops are meeting at Cutting Edge Sports at 5pm. Two chances to get your Short Track on....

Somehow Ranno and I have talked T Brown into lending us his two prototype 69er Fuels.... Hands down the sickest ride I have ever trown my leg over.

You can't really reinvent the wheel but this bike will change our sport. Travis may have to come knock on my door to get this one back...