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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Eatough Goes For 6!

This coming weekend Chris Eatough will be competing again in Whistler, B.C. at the 24 Hours of Adrenaline World Solo Championships. He’s going for his 6th consecutive title there. Jon Posner and his support crew will have a webcam set up, so please check in on base camp and say hello. It will be up during the day Friday, and all through the race, which goes from noon Sat till noon Sun.


I wonder when Tristian's Mom is going to kick him out?

Moments of Mt. Snow

Zap hands Travis Brown his Juice

Check out the Trek presence at the start of the XC

Jeremiah shows Sue Haywood and Dave his back X-rays

This is my view from the start of the XC (that's a fast train to follow!), and check out all the fans.

The dust has settled and I am currently in Pennsylvania clawing my way westward. Some of my teammates are sitting on flights right now as they make their way to Italy for the World Championships. Best of luck guys. Also my thoughts and prayers go out to Jeremiah Bishop who broke some bones in his back while pre-riding the XC course on Friday. He is in high spirits as usual and is planning on a quick recovery. Check out Jeremiah's site and send him some lovin!

Thanks once again to Jon Posner for hooking up the photos when we are off to battle.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Moved Into The Top 20....Finally!

Bob from the Trek Demo Tour shows us how to park the Toureg!

Zap with his custom machined Bontrager Ear Spacer.

Today's top dawg Adam Craig makes it look easy

Well there you have it, the series is officially over and on the last effort of the year I managed to pull off a 16th in the STXC. Today was one of those days that it took longer than normal to hurt (I was going to say "Didn't Hurt" but that would have been a huge lie!). Adam Craig attacked on the final decent in typical form to sprint out Kabush for the win!

After a brutal travel schedule and rookie status, I managed to mustard up a 23rd overall placing in the XC and 19th in the STXC. I am excited to say that I feel I can make another go at it again next season, with even more motivation. In a sport that isn't necessarily the most rewarding financially it more than makes up for it if you have that "passion" to ride your bike!

Stay tuned for stories from the road as I drive from Vermont to Boulder...

Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Back Is Killing Me....

The best food I eat all week!

Mt. Snow was by far the best race of the entire NORBA Circuit. The fans were unreal and actually more than 2 rows deep in the start gate! The course was brutal and my back was already seized up after the first lap due the blazing fast "point and shoot" downhill. I think I need a power half-hour core body workout from Becca Blay again!

The race went pretty well, I think I was in the low 30's out of about 110 pros. Nothing spectacular but I gave it my all.

Couple random Notes:

I missed the naked crit due to our team dinner (probably for the better).
Chris Shepherd carried a camera today with him during the race and took a pic of himself crossing the line!
This blog must spread fast because I had tons of fans out on the course! Thanks for all the cheers guyz, it does help!
And finally I thought it was hilarious that my teammates were getting cheered on by fans saying "go Nick's Teammate!".

Jon Posner was once again my personal photographer so stay tuned for some pictures from today's adventure.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Until Tomorrow Comes...

Abby Hipply the real singlespeed world champion talks with MTB legend Zapata "Zap" Espinoza

Rollin a "Hot Lap" with teammates Tristan Schouten and Nick Ranno

A pic from last weekends adventure in West Virginia

Tomorrow is one of the biggest events of the year. Mt. Snow NORBA Finals are finally here and this means the year is nearly over (besides a couple 24 hr. Events). Over 100 pros will line up for some of Vermont's finest singletrack. The men have 4 brutal laps on tap so stay tuned... And btw the famous "naked crit" is getting thrown down tomorrow night and some serious titles are on the line.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Single Speed World Championships

Travis Brown and Barry Wicks battle in the ring (nice gloves Barry!)

Adam Craig rocking the short shorts! He must workout!

2005 Singlespeed World Champion

Unfortunately I did not make it this year but I will be there someday in the future! The best party in the bike business and a chance to get some ink to be proud of (winner gets the SSWC logo tattoo).

Sounds like every year this scene gets bigger and better. The world championship was decided by a GO CART race! The top 20 finishers got a ticket to the big ring to battle it out for the overall title. Go Carts are Coffins...
Link to related article

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Will I Ever Learn The Wheelie?

Trent says "It's easy mate, just lean back..."

I arrived in Vermont thanks to Fisher Mechanic Ben Coates!

Here is Trent showing the art of the 30 mph wheelie!

So yesterday I went on a chill 2.5 hour road ride with Trent Lowe, arguably the best canidate for the U-23 World Championship this season. Now all season one of my goals and vain of my existence has been to learn the infamous "wheelie". I have had personal lessons from the industries finest: Adam Craig, Ross Schnell, Travis Brown, Ariel Lindsey, Barry Wicks and now Trent Lowe. Even their help I am still without the skill.... But on a mission!

Trent has some serious skillz and can ride the wheelie for miles and at speeds that blow my mind!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Ore to Shore Race Report by Tom Torrance

Sometimes pictures can speak louder than words....

1 concussion
1 facial laceration
5 stitches
1 CAT scan (came back negative, what’s up)

Wishing Tom a speedy recovery

The Snowshoe Adventure Draws To An End

Paul Rowney Shows His Game Face

Moonshine! Yep This Is The REAL DEAL!

This weekend I have learned a lot and most of it wasn't cycling related at all. I have learned more about the mind and how simple vibrations can totally change your precieved exersion, controlling how far your willing to push your limits. Mentally put yourself in a state of positivity and the rest will fall into place. (I swear this is not the Moonshine talking)

Special thanks to Stephen Zepeda for hooking up my new banner on top of this page! Thanks for your time and artistic energy!

Stay tuned as I will have pics from the Snowshoe Short Track...

Btw the duct tape (from the previous posts) is so your shoes don't get sucked off by the horrible mud conditions.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

The XC Aftermath

Andy Mills (Southeast Trek/VW) gets some lovin'

No pics of the XC yet... stay tuned, just some pics to make you go Ahhh

Ever experience a whole body cramp? No... How about going so hard your teeth start to itch? Well today I went through all the emotions and then some. I feel like I just finished running a marathon with a 50 lb bike accessorized with mud. I witnessed some serious carnage, I hope JHK is alright, and hearing Andy Mills screaming "my wrist" in the woods wasn't so pleasant either.

Said and done the podium looked like this... With Trek/VW all over it!

1. Kabush - Maxxis
2. Tyrone Bishop - Trek/VW
3. Adam Craig - Giant
4. Barry Wicks (mad props yo!) - Kona
5. Chris Eatough - Trek/VW

I nearly cracked the top 20 today (one of my season goals) sitting in 21st with one lap to roll and then kaboom, the check engine light came on and dehydration set it hard. I hope I still finished in the twenties..

Friday, August 19, 2005

Forecast Says.... "Epic"

The Damage After One Lap

Southeast Trek/VW Rider Big Earl and I Getting Down and Dirty

Last Night's Sunset

Today I found out that this area of West Virginia is actually a classified "rain forest". When torrential down-pours are combined correctly with a constant misting of fog and a pinch of afternoon sunshine you get a freshly brewed batch of straight up muddy mess they call a trail with a unique "cake" like consistency.

After pre-riding one lap and following the flowing rivers down what used to be the "lines," our bikes are totally worked and our mechanics are totally bummed.

Tomorrow will only get worse as more people get out there and ride... So I am predicting an epic 4 lap nightmare that resembles more of a triathalon than a mountain bike race. Time to go duct tape my shoes....

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Fred's Eye View

T Brown and His Wife Mary, (What a Lucky Lady!)

Mr. and Mrs. Pacocha

A big congratulations to Matt Pacocha (pronounced Pah-so-cah) who found himself at the alter exchanging vows this past Saturday, August 13. The lucky lady? His longtime girlfriend Cathy Wherry, sis of USPro champ Chris.

"Paco" is a former cross-country mountain bike pro, a former star on the University of Colorado cycling team and the reigning national single-speed cyclo-cross champ.

Stay tuned for a full report on today's Marathon which will be featured tonight on ESPN's 50 sports in 50 days show

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

East Coast Hardcore

Warning... cross country weenies stay home. This course is totally out of control. Combine that with race speeds and nerves.... things could get interesting.

Take note of the crazy man made features as well, I got in a little over my head.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Comic Relief Doug Ryden Stops By...Listen In

Pro XC Doug Ryden All Dressed Up For Cross

What Doug Really Does At Work
this is an audio post - click to play
This will crack you up! Listen In!

This is a little Rasta chant from 2nd year pro Doug Ryden, the stand up humor source of the NORBA circuit. Not only will he keep you laughing in the pits but he is also known to talk way too much DURING the race!

Monday, August 15, 2005

The Mechanic's Influence

The Captain's paraphenilia

Beautiful West Virginia.... a long ways from Boulder

Billy and Myron tag team 10 White Castle Hamburgers

My ankles are swollen, the van smells like a swamp, and I haven't eaten a fruit or vegetable in over two days.... This must mean I have arrived in West Virginia!

Mad Props to Myron Billy for driving us 26 hrs straight through from Boulder to Snowshoe West Virginia. (Home of the 7th stop on the NORBA Circuit)

As a first year pro I try to jump on any train I can to get to the events. This train was manned by two full time circuit mechanics Billy Holmes, wrench for Haro and Myron Billy, wrench for Ford Cycling. Needless to say I feel like poo right now due to the fact that these guys smuggle in nothing but junk food and torture you until you give in and eat the whole bag of Swedish fish.

Stay tuned for updates from Snowshoe Mountain West Virginia....
Link to related article

Saturday, August 13, 2005

So you want to quit your job....

To answer some questions I have received on how one makes the career move financially possible into the cycling biz I will let you in on a couple of my secrets...

1. First off, shift the focus of your lifestyle to "simplicity". Less you own, the less you have to pay for.

2. Sell off your car. Their are plenty of friends to car pool to the races with and your car can be a major financial stress.

3. Be flexible with your living situation. Be willing to go wherever it is cheapest. Hopefully a friend will take you in because they admire your commitment to your goals (thanks Whitey, Duke, Matt & Kelly, Zack, Jeff, Ross, George, and everyone else who has let me crash at their house for a while!)

4. Learn to cook, going out is a waste and the choices you make in your own kitchen are 10 x better...

This is just a start but a good look into how I live the way I do. Going to work is riding your bike...Life is good!

I am currently driving from Boulder to West Virginia so stay tuned for stories from the road!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cactus Ridge

Aftermath From My Crash

Tom Looks Back Wishing He Had His Full Sauce

Yep That Is The Trail!

Anyone who says Boulder lacks in the technical trail department has not hucked their body down Cactus Ridge. I appoligize to Tom, Matt and Jeff (the Midwest crew) for taking them into the deep end on their hardtails. We all drew blood on our 3 hr adventure and spent most of the day hovering over the rear wheel.

I crashed and burned pretty hard, taking a rock straight to the chest. I am just thankful I didn't break any ribs.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dave "The Kid" Meadows Calls In From "The Scene"

Dave (Our Assistant Mechanic) is about to give birth to a baby beer (Photo by Poz)

this is an audio post - click to play

This is Dave "The Kid" Meadows... official reporter of the night life scene on the NORBA circuit. If you know him... you understand!

Thanks Dave for giving us the other perspective on what goes down after the cross country weenies go to bed.

Fastest Wrench on the Circuit

The Man and His Tools

Intimidation Factor.....

Even though Zack Vestal's biz card says he is the Head Mechanic for the Trek/VW squad, his calfs beg to differ. This is a warning to all the Semi Pro's out there at the National Championships in Mammoth, CA... be skeered, this wrench is fast!

I am actually staying at Zack's house right now before I move on Saturday. Zack has done a lot for me in this sport and I owe him a ton of gratitude. If he hadn't opened his doors when he was my manager, I wouldn't have ever moved to Boulder.

Rode up Flagstaff today and rallied Super Walker with Josh Bezecney (pro for 3D racing). Killer ride and a great way to always gauge where you are at... that mountain never gets smaller!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Jon "Poz" Posner Rocks!

The Girls of the Circuit!

Dave and Tristan Bonding

Pondering the "Mayhem" which about to get thrown down

Suffering as I hear Sager yelling "Blog It" from the sidelines...

"Poz", the Team Manager of the Trek/VW squad has also been my personal photographer all season!

Thanks Poz for your capturing the inside moments of the NORBA Circuit!