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Friday, September 30, 2005

Ballin' On A Budget...

the title of a Nappy Roots jam which has been on repeat all day. Usually I am writing about something cycling related but today I am going to give you a peek into my "other" passion, vintage volkswagens. I am talking about original paint, aged to perfection, metal dashboards, let me feel the road kind of rides (Not to be confused with the stereo-typed hippie van).

Check out the inspiration from Kustom Coach Werks... someday when all this mountain biking pays off, my 62 (below) will be rolling into the KCW shop for some lovin'. Check out this video... you will "feel" what I am talking about.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Interbike Or Ride, That Is The Question?

It seems all my training partners have hybernated south to Vegas to be part of the "sensory overload" event of the year, Interbike. Lonely and seeking motivation I headed out for an epic today. It took nearly 2 hrs into my ride to even feel like I wanted to ride... It was one of those days when every bump in the pavement hurts (maybe that was my problem, being on the pavement).

The bike is an amazing instrument, if I need to think or make a decision in my life, I can always rely on the bike to act as a moving meditation to answer my troubling questions... On that note, the mind can also be an amazing tool. If your mind is solid, the body follows.

By the time I approached Estes Park, overlooking the continental divide, I had shed that emotional funk I was in and mental clarity was once again mine. Some dayz it is really hard to get out there and train, but all the opportunities are there and if I don't make it happen it is no one's fault but my own.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My Favorite Trail...

... is the one I have not ridden yet. I have lived here in Boulder for 2 years now, and I am still exploring new singletrack. Ranno took me on a sick ride that T. Brown had shown him earlier. Technical trails have their place, but some dayz you need that fix of fast rolling, ripping rollercoaster, grinning from ear to ear kind of trails... today was that kind of day, man I love my job!

One of my readers forwarded me this link in support of my wheelie dreams. As most of you know, I still can't ride a wheelie. Well after seeing this I don't know if I want too.... I am now working on perfecting my superman!

Quote of the day comes from ole Jack Handy, "Anytime I see something screech across a room and latch onto someones neck, and the guy screams and tries to get it off, I have to laugh, because what is that thing."

Monday, September 26, 2005

Breaking The Chain

I tip my helmet to a clean podium, Snowshoe WV XC

I started my day like I do everyday, eating my eggs and drinking my coffee while surfing my favorite sites. On tap first was Velo News to read about Boonen's monster victory, but I was thrown off by the words "Sheppard's Apology Letter". Most of you know by now that Haro's Chris Sheppard was busted this month for EPO use, well today he released a rather interesting letter.

My view from the trenches at Mt. Snow

As a first year pro I have a lot of views on this matter. I have been in the trenches and seen emotionally the struggle each of us has to go through to make it in this doggy dog world. I have also been blessed with the passion for cycling that runs deep in anyone dedicated to a sport and can understand that sometimes love is blind. I am not writing this to point fingers at Shep, I admire his heart felt letter and it takes courage to come out and say what he said (I heard from Wells that he showed up at Mammoth to personally apologize to everyone.... props). On the other hand, there is something exciting in knowing that you are clean and working torwards achieving your bodies personal greatest potential. (Even if currently it lies around 20th in a field of elite men) For me, time will tell how far I make it, but emotionally I could not handle (or pay for the therapy bills) the burden doping would bring.

Quote of the day comes from a comment on Billy Holmes site (Shep's Mechanic): "as a father of two small children,
it puzzles me why someone would think that winning in Candy Land by cheating would offer the same pleasure as winning in Candy Land by playing fair."

Finally a little reminder to lay off the front Brake....

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Kodak Courage

I woke up this morning, dreaming of the kind of traffic Sager must get. The way he throws together his action verbs, adverbs and nouns without even thinking, talent I tell you, talent.....

Ended up raging down Cactus Ridge this afternoon. There is nothing like the smell of the high country air; a mixture of the fall season, a touch of pine, a pinch of aspen trees and a little less oxygen = my favorite place on earth. This trail has a way of making you pull your tail between your legs and forces you to sit on your back tire the whole way down, scary sketchy for about an hour.

Needless to say we crashed at least 10 times each and Ranno decided "I suck, this totally sucks, I F***n suck, I can't believe I just went to World's and can't ride a mountain bike". Seriously, if you think you've got skillz, go rock Cactus Ridge for the afternoon, we have dubbed it, "The Humblizer". If you ride it, you will understand.

Peer over Ranno's, helmet you can see my bike down there, yap that right der is "the deadly boulder roll".

I stopped by to visit Clay at Kustom Kar Audio yesterday and checked in on my Touareg (Volkswagen has been kind!). The back was popped, gutted and the box was looking sick! "I am making this thing stupid loud! It will look crazy organic when you pop the back" (not sure what organic and stereo's have in common but I am down with subs, wires and amps strategically placed in their glory!).

Friday, September 23, 2005

Listen To The Children

Zara, Travis Brown's (And Mary's!) beautiful 2 year old girl is keepin it real with a little flare from Dopers Suck. This girl is so cute she makes me want one of my own....(be careful what you wish for.. I know!)

Quote of the Day, "He's like Johnny Cash now, always in black, but more like a MS150 rider with that number sticker on his helmet. Maybe I'd go faster with one?" Jason Sager (Grand father of the Bike Blog), on T-Brown's new low pro look.

On a side note, check out the Ferarri I saw on my ride today w/ custom parking ticket accessories.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mammoth National Championships After Party

Tis the season.... After a long season of being a "cross country weenie", it is always interesting to see a bunch of light weights go out and let loose. In this case it turned into a flex off, with Shonny challenging the men to arm wrestling 'bouts, and winning! Check out the guns on little Dara Marks-Marino (Ford/Specialized).

Shonny VanLandingham (Luna Women's MTB Team) shows us what it takes. This girl must workout!

Ladies, Zack (Trek/VW Head Mechanic) is taken but I know this guy named Dave..... Zack is seriously more ripped than anyone on the circuit (he is ready to have a flex off at anytime!). Dimebag Darrell spirit lives on through guys like "Z". Much Respect.

Todd Wells, Sue Haywood and Jon "Poz" Posner (thanks for the pics) celebrate another successful season.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Faster Coefficient

I truly believe that I feel faster and more motivated to train the day after I shave my legs. If you know what I am talking about clap you hands?!? Maybe it is the way my jeans feel brushing against my smooth legs, or maybe it is the way they shine right after they get their daily dose of sun tan lotion, I don't know... "They" have grown out over the past week and today I felt like poo on the bike. Ah well, the women can sympathize with me.

Today's photos were emailed to me from Zap (thanks bro). He comes out with a killer newsletter every month, if you haven't signed up yet I totally recommend it. It's all about the bike "culture" and what is going down on the inside at Trek, check it out.

Travis and Lance discussing the new prototype singlespeed, the "69er".

Sue's ripping up the new 9.9 Elite hardtail . I am stoked to get my hands on one of these things...1/2 lb. lighter then last years.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Music We Crypt To

Rolled out on a little adventure with Ranno yesterday. I will let the pictures do the talking but a little word to the wise, Lycra and skate parks don't mix (but we thought we were cool)!

A huge shipment was delivered yesterday to Kustom Kar Audio from our friends at JBL! Yep, my Toureg is getting pimped with enough thump in the trunk to make your hair bounce. Thanks to Clay for putting his energy into the install and thanks to Chris Dragon at JBL for hooking it up! I will keep you posted with pictures when everything gets installed, rides around the block are free too!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Tristan Calls in With Chequamegon Race Recap

This past weekend had a lot going down in the Mountain Bike World. Coinciding with the National Championships in California was a race that has become a championship of its own. Located up nort in the Woods of Wisconsin (right next to the fishing hall of fame), Chequamegon is one of those events that gives you goose-bumps just lining up in the sea of colored lycra. Last time I did this race was back in '98 when I slept on the start line to get a good position! It should be a pilgrimage for every mountain biker to do once in his/her lifetime.

On Saturday, Doug Swanson (Trek/VW) powered to his second Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival win in the last three years. He punched the sky in a victory salute as he crossed the finish line to win by two bike lengths over three-time champion Steve Tilford (Verge/Shimano).

Swanson of Plymouth, Minn. Captured the most hotly contested Chequamegon in the 23-year history of the race, finishing the 40-mile off-road race in two hours and ten minutes. Four former champions finished within seven seconds of each other. Besides Tilford, Jeff Hall (Salsa) placed 6th, and last year'’s winner, Brian Matter (PCW) finished 7th.

this is an audio post - click to play

Tristan finished up 5th, only 2 seconds back behind Doug. I hope his effort last weekend (during the G-24 Global Championships) didn't put him too far in "the pain cave" coming into Midwest's own world championships. Schouten did throw down on Sunday winning the crit!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sager's Calling

Dave Meadow's, Trek/VW Assistant wrench explores himself!?!?

Ranno finished up 2nd in the hard fought U-23 Caterory. He is also trying to start a gang, so anyone interested in rollin with Ranno, start rolling up your chamois on the left side.

There are other devoted "river rat's" out there Sager. We know that is where your heart lies, don't be ashamed anymore, tubing is not a crime. Check out this year's Teva Mtn Games short video out, it will make your day and explain Sager's secret past time !

Friday, September 16, 2005

Mammoth National Championships

Word has it that T Brown won the Marathon yesterday by attacking "Jungle" Jay Henry on the final climb to grab another National Championship! The man has made a living riding his bike, now that's what I am talking about!

My personal photographer and secret admirer, "Poz", has sent me some killer behind the scenes pics and details from this weekends race out in Mammoth California, so stay tuned. (Thanks a ton Poz!) Here is Sue Haywood with our freak mechanics. Speaking of freaks, Zack Vestal (far left), finished 2nd in the Semi-Pro race just getting edged out in the sprint at the finish. If he only had turned up the metal a little louder during his warm-up! "Put that in your blog and smoke it" Zack's parting words on my answering machine last night.

Upon passing through Lincoln Nebraska, on the way home from Mt. Snow, we picked up my first hitch hiker. Emily, turned out to be a super hip chick who was totally up on the cycling lifestyle (she was on a Surly when we found her). Anyways she makes these hilarious T-shirts, I Heart Bikes, to make an extra buck. Check 'em out!

BTW I guess I got my first cover shot this week! Check out the cover of the Brochure for the NORBA National Championships!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Doper's Suck

Fast and clean, what a great combination.

Here is Shep on his way to 11th at the New Mexico World Cup????

I don't even know where to start? It wouldn't hurt as bad if it was some Belgium with a name I can not even pronounce, but this was one of our own North American homeboyz. You hear about people getting busted all the time but never has it been someone I shake hands with at the start line.

The bottom line is, Doper's Suck! It is boys like Jeremiah Bishop, Adam Craig, and JHK that give aspiring pros hope that it is possible to make it to the top without being on the "sauce". Keep the love alive and keep it clean.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Statistically Insignificant

Sporting the SPF 5000 for the blazing high altitude sun.

Cody Peterson waits and watches as the final minutes wind down and the tension builds.

Words of wisdom from my Uncle Chrispy, "Being a baseball fan, I like to do the math:

24 hours = 1440 minutes
4 minutes divided by 1440 minutes = .00278

In other words, the difference between Trek/VW and Tamarack at Winter Park is statistically insignificant!

Don't question Moab. I think this bodes well for you at Moab. If you're team can perform as well as you did at Winter Park, then you're easily within a statistically insignificant striking range to take the top stair of the podium!

I say go for it!".

I could not pass up the opportunity to share this quote. My Uncle Chrispy has such an incredible perspective on life and his glass is always half full!

Guess what, I am still cleaning up after this weekends mayhem.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Said and Done

The fastest Team 24 hour Podium I have ever seen.

I appoligize for those looking for "live" updates last night. Things got pretty heated and all of my energy was left out there on the trails.

To make a 24 hour story short, we alternated being in the lead with 3D/Tamarack 11 times! Almost every other hour and the difference never got more than 14 minutes. With 3 laps to go we were coming on really strong, putting in our best laps of the day to attempt to pick away at their 10 minute lead. With one lap to go we had brought it within 6.5 minutes and Tristan was out for a hot lap. It was a lot to ask of T, to bring in that much of a gap back in one lap, but we had hope! He stomped out another 46 minute lap but we still trailed by 4 minutes. So a 24 hour battle, seperated by 4 minutes! UGHUGHUGH!

We threw all our cards out on the table to go for the"W". The racing was intense and I am still stoked to even get second. They had a great team and it was crazy how equally matched things were. Click here for full results.

After an effort like that it makes me question 24 hours of Moab in a month, where I was planning on rocking duo again with Brian Smith. These things are just so bloody hard!

A huge shout out to Billy Holmes our wrench this weekend! He went above and beyond his calling and didn't let something as little as getting arrested earlier bring him down! Thanks brotha!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ahhhhhhh My Brain Hurts!

Mark, the Kona Mechanic, shows the "other" side to the 24 hr race. (The race and the party!)

(Current) 7:20 AM The sun has come back out and we no longer have to deal with the frost and near freezing temps. I am going to make this short because I am cashed. My brain hurts, my body feels pretty good, and my stomach feels like poo. We just put in back to back 48 minute laps to re-take the lead by 4 minutes. The lead has switched hands now nearly 10 times and it is getting a little old. This is a 24 hr race, not a sprint race. It is looking like it is going to come down to the last lap?!

Fatigue is officially starting to set it and the clock has just struck 3:21 AM. No one has slept yet and lap times have slipped from 46 min. to about 50 min. We are currently chasing 3D/Tamarack by only 3 minutes and we have raced for 13 hrs!!! Tokyo Joes is back by about 35 minutes. I am envious of all you that can't read this because your sound asleep! I won't sleep till Sunday Night. I have so much respect for anyone who does one of these crazy races solo. Each one of you is a hero in my book!

this is an audio post - click to play

Kona Global 24 Hr Championships

I will dress and undress about 10 times today! Dry clothes are key, nothing is worse than putting on a sweaty piece of lycra!

Ross is having stomach problems, eating everything is start. "I think my belly hurts from draggin on the top tube" Ross states as he takes a egg burritto down.

The one and only face behind www.drunkcyclist.com, Big Johnny!

(Current) It is 11:46 pm and we are back on track. We were down by 12 minutes at one point, trailing the 3D/Tamarack Squad, and were forced to put on an attack to try to close the gap. The result was 4 screaming fast laps that put us up by about 13 minutes. This changing back and forth of the lead stuff is getting stressful but everyone is amped up and working flawlessly. That's it for now.... into the wee hours of the morning and it is freezing out here in the mtns!

Team Meeting!

Team Drunk cyclist Showing off the "Goods"

Right now I am so jacked up on adrenaline, caffeine, endorphines and nerves I can't even begin to explain, let alone type! Ladies and Gentleman, we have a wireless connection, so stay tuned as I give you live updates from the Kona Global 24 Hr Championships here in Winter Park Colorado.

Ross Heading out on his "hot" lap.

It is 6:00 pm and are into our second rotation. The laps are ticking over at about 48 minutes per lap and we are now chasing the 3D/Tamarack squad by 1 min 30 sec. Stay tuned! To be honest I am more excited/nervous for this stuff than any big NORBA race. Off to eat...

The "Start" bell rang at 2 pm and Ross Schnell just piloted us to a 1st lap victory.... so we are off the front with Tristan on course. We have our work cut out for us, there are 3 major teams represented, and every team is exclusively made up of established NORBA Pros. Here is the competition:

Tokyo Joes./Go Lite made up of: Nat Ross, Mike Janelle, Heather Szabo and Ariel Lindsey.
3D Racing/Tamarack made up of: Josh Bezecney, Cody Peterson, Georiga Gould, and Eric Ransom.
Trek/VW made of: Nick Martin, Tristan Schoutan, Ross Schnell and Becca Blay.

I will keep you posted on the adventures and drama over the next 24 hrs.

Speaking of drama: we started the day off right by having our Mechanic, Billy Holmes, pulled over and arrested! It is always exciting to have a wrench with a warrant out for his arrest! (unpaid parking ticket). He is bailed out and we are off to the races...